Real Vampire Information: Spirit Vampires
and Dark Guides

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Spirit Vampires or Immortals

The existence of spirit vampires or immortal vampires is certainly a debateable subject. I can't say for certain myself that they exist but I like to keep an open mind. A spirit vampire in my opinion would be a spirit from the spirit realm that is much like psychic vampires. One might wonder if this has something to do with how vampires came into existence or are we just a change in the evolution of life on this planet. I do personally believe in spirits and entities that exist on other planes and sometimes interact with ours. I have experienced such beings on several occassions. Some have been spirits of light and others were malevolent. I would like to hear other's thoughts about the existence of spirit or even immortal vampires.

Dark Spirit Guides

A lot of this depends on your beliefs and perceptions but my personal opinion is that we all have spirit guides. Some have one and some have many. Personally, I have 4 spirit guides......3 are of light and 1 is dark. I'm going to talk about the Dark guide here because I believe he is the one that guides the vampire side of my life. Let me clarify that dark doesn't mean evil or harmful. It just means that we all have a dark and light side to our lives which includes things like passion, strength, courage, and personal power. My dark guide has helped me find my inner strength by walking through the fire. He also has guided me in learning more about the psychic vampire of myself. He in a lot of ways helped guide me through the awakening of what I am. I remember seeing him in dreams during that time and also a couple of times visually. At the time, I didn't realize who he was or why I saw him but he was always directing me at the right times. Eventually, I did come to understand and can speak with him when needed.

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