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Visit House Noctura - A Kherete Style house

Vampire Information Sites

House Noctura
Description: A Kherete style house based on the system of the House of Kheperu.

Vampire Awakenings
Description: This is a good site discussing the different kinds of vampires and it also gives some good links to other sites.

Blood Drinker's Resource
Description: This is a good site all about and for those of our vampire community who consume blood for their needs.

Description: A good site for those of the psychic vampire community which includes info on awakening, feeding, etc.

Nocturnal Visions
Description: A great site for information on all kinds of vampires including blood, psychic/energy, and sexual vampires as well as lots of other interesting vampire information.

House of Kheperu
Description: A great site for psychic vampires interested in a balanced ethical approach to life.

Vampire Groups and Communities

Vampire Haven MSN Community

Vampire and Dark Graphics Sites

Nocturnal Child's Graphics

Death Warrior's Gifs and More

Lasher's Dark Graphics

Jonathon Bowser Art Graphics

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