Real Vampire Information: Sexual/Sensual Vampires

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I have added this category because I have met some that claim to be sexual vampires. I certainly believe that there are many kinds and variations of vampires just as there are different races in the world. I know very little about this kind at this time but I will share what I do know.

Those that I have met, often call themselves Succubus(female) or Incubus(male). Mythically, these were sexual winged demons that drained a victim to death through sexual activity. Realistically, they certainly wouldn't quite resemble that. From what I understand, they are simply vampires that aquire energy both directly and through bodily fluids to feed their needs from their sexual partners. Psychic vampires and blood vampires often feed through sexual activity as well, so I'm not sure how different these kind are. Maybe they are a combination of both psy and blood vampires which makes sexual activity the best way to aquire both at once.

I just recently met one who called himself a sensual vampire. I would have to say it was an interesting conversation. I also know that he was for real because there was an electrical energy about him which I picked up on as a psychic vampire. He said that the difference between him and others was his approach. He was gentle and erotic in his words and touches. His activity for feeding focused on romantic sexual encounters. He also confirmed that for him it was a combination of blood and energy that he fed from. Unlike many blood vampires, there was nothing rough about his approach or personality. I just thought I would pass this encounter along to everyone for its information value.

I would certainly like to hear other's thoughts on this one and if any sexual vampires join our community, I hope you will share your experience and knowledge with us. If you would like to share information on this subject for future addition to this page, please email me by clicking on my email image link below.

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