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This is a category that I am very familiar with since I am a psychic vampire. Experiences vary from vampire to vampire but I will tell you what I've learned from my own experience.

Psychic vampires are vampires that draw energy from living things to sustain their well being. There are different kinds of energy in the universe and which will meet the needs of a psychic vampire. Some will debate that such energies don't exist but I know from my experience that they do.

Lifeforce Energy

This is the energy that powers the life of any living thing and is sometimes called chi or pranic energy or subtle energy. It is a part of the inner spirit or soul. Lifeforce energy is and does renew itself in most living things. A psychic vampire however can not renew its own lifeforce energy without taking from others.

Basically, think of it as everyone has a cup of energy that sustains life. Most have full cups often with excesses but a vampire has a cup with a hole in it. The energy leaks down from time to time and must be replaced for the vampires good health.

A second theory is that because of a vampires psychic abilities and use of such abilities that they burn up more energy than most people.

A third belief is that some psychic vampires were created by the use of magick to gain some control over their existence in the afterlife to keep some of their power and knowledge which resulted in being cut off from the natural flow of energy in the universe making them a vampire.

Taking a little from someone with a full or excessive amount of energy doesn't do them any real harm as long as it is limited. Their energy will renew again. Psychic vampires have a natural ability to know who has excess energy and can see the aura of living things.

Emotional Energy

Many psychic vampires can also feed on emotional/ambient energy. They are often naturally empathic which means that they can feel/sense the emotions and personality of a person that they have contact with. Emotional energy is a form of energy which every living thing sends out naturally and which the psychic vampire can feed on without any harm to the individual. The draw back of this is that often you aquire that person's emotions for a period of time. Also, without learned control, crowds can make you feel very chaotic and for me sometimes causes psychic headaches. It is important to learn to ground and center yourself when feeding on this kind of energy.

Sexual Energy

When one performs sexual acts, strong emotional and lifeforce energy is given off at the same time. This can certainly be a very enjoyable form of gaining energy with a willing partner. It is very much like a high or rush when drawing energy this way. This can either be a tantric connection or a deep feeding connection.

Elemental Energy

This kind is a little different from most because this is the energy of the universal elements such as Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This is much like what you do for practicing magick except that you keep a certain amount of the energy within you to meet the need. Psychic vampires are often natural at magick because of their ability to draw and focus energy.

Astral Travel/Projection

I know from my personal experience that I can very naturally lift my spirit from my body and travel the astral plane or project to a certain place....often with people that I have strong connections with. I even have a special place on the astral plane where I can do magick simply with the focus of energy. I am also pagan, so magick and astral travel are a part of my practice spiritually. I just find that it comes very easy having the abilities that I have as a psychic vampire.

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