Real Vampire Information: Sanguinarian Vampires

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First let me say that I am a psychic vampire and my knowledge of blood vampires is limited to what I have learned from meeting other sang vampires. I would certainly love for any of our blood vampires here to contribute more to this page.

Sanguinarian simply means blood vampire. Blood vampires aquire what they need from human blood and sometimes animal blood. Most sang vampires use willing donors who are usually checked out to make sure they are in good health. It is certainly a wise thing to keep from spreading diseases. As I said before, vampires are not immortal or invulnerable.

From what I've learned many sangs believe that they are born vampires from traceable bloodlines. I have also met some that say that they were turned into vampires by another vampire but there is great debate in the vampire community as to whether this is really possible. It is an issue that I hope we will discuss on the message boards with our sanguinarian members.

There is also a debate as to what a blood vampire needs from blood. Is is proteins in blood, the life force energy within it, or something else contained within blood? I can't answer this one with certainty but my personal opinion is that it is the lifeforce energy contained within it. The most basic thing required for life is that people have a certain amount of blood in their bodies......without it, there is no life. Psychic vampires require energy and I believe that the blood vampire does as well but must take it from the physical drinking of blood. As blood will renew itself, for example when you donate blood, so does lifeforce energy. So the taking of blood will not do real harm as long as it is small amounts.

I am going to leave it at this for now but I do want the sanguinarians that join this community to contribute more information about their life as a vampire. If you would like to make suggestions for this page, please click on my email link below.

There are links to other sites with information on Sang Vampires listed on our links page and in the files section of our community forum.

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