Arianna's Beginning Wicca Site

Arianna's Beginning Wicca Site

Goals for this Site!

This is my personal site to give information to those just beginning on the wiccan path. I will be adding more information regularly as I grow in my own path and find things that will help you learn even more. I hope you enjoy this site and please sign my guestbook below to let me know what you think and any suggestions you have.

Blessings to you all,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

This Site is part of the Wiccan Gateway Community

Our community site contains all of our clubs, groups, class, sites, events calender, divination, shopping, personals, and much more.

The Beginning Wicca Clubs and Class

This includes all 5 of our community clubs and the Beginning Wicca Class.

Basic Information Page 1
Basic Information Page 2

These two pages contain basic information about Wicca and its practice.

The Entire Wiccan Rede

Wiccan Ritual Tools

An extensive list of wiccan tools with short explanations for each as well as a suggestion for consecration.

Ritual Design

Step by step instructions on how to setup and perform a ritual.

Casting a Circle

A detailed explanation of how to cast a circle for rituals.

2002 Sabbat and Esbat Calendar

The current dates of the Sabbats and Esbats.

Full Moon and Sabbat Rituals Page 1
Full Moon and Sabbat Rituals Page 2

These two pages include the basic rituals for the Full Moon and all Eight Wiccan Sabbats

Self-Dedication Rite

My personal self-dedication which you are welcome to adapt for your own needs.

Rituals For Parting With A Loved One

For those who need a way to help them get past the loss of a loved one.

Arianna's Spells

Various Spells including Healing, Protection, Money, and More.

Wiccan Gateway Shopping

Buy Books, Music, Tools, and More.

Wiccan Poetry

This includes my own personal poetry as well as some very good poems from other wiccans in our community.

Defending Against a Magickal Attack

For those who need help with dealing with a magickal attack. You will find spells, chants, and more here.

Soulmates and Soul Connections

My personal thoughts on Soulmates and Connections.

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