Defending Against A Magickal Attack

Here are some rituals and chants to help if you are under a psychic or magickal attack. There are times on our wiccan paths that we may encounter someone who does not use magick in a positive way and we may have to protect ourselves or someone else. I hope this page will help you with such a situation.

This page is dedicated to the Wiccan Warrior who provided these spells and has helped me greatly.
Thank you, Aries

Protection Spell Chant

By: Aries


In the light of day,
I pray to thee.
In the dark of night,
There's praise from me.
As I say your names,
And speak aloud.
I am a Witch (Wiccan),
I'll Make you proud.
I'll say my prayer and cast my spell.
And I will ask your wisdom to tell.

Oh Lady and Lord to your child speak.
Send me the love and protection that I seek.
Protect myself, family and my friends.
To you my thanks, I will send.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Protection Spell

You need a white or black 8 inch candle, and a candle holder.

If you feel that you are under attack (Magickal or Psychic) and you have the items handy, use them. If not they are not needed to perform the spell, but they do help to focus and strengthen it.

Place the white candle in the holder upside down and scrape away enough wax to light the wick. If you want to use the black candle you can, remember an upside down white candle is equal to a black candle. Light the candle and begin to say the following while you visualize a dome of light rising and surrounding you.

Guardian Angel, and Fairy friend,
To my side your help please send,
Mother of the moon and Lord of light
Intervene for me, make this wrong right.
Encircle me with protection,
Strengthened by love.
Surround me with light shining from above,
Hear your child, hear (his/her) plea,
Protect me from those who would harm me,
Turn back this attack, root me as a tree.
By my will so mote it be.

Calling Upon Guardian Angels For Protection

My house has four corners, one, two, three, four.
Four holy Angels adorn them from rafter to core.
Neither criminals or charmers, above or below.
Or those who do Evil can enter my home.
My house has four corners, one, two, three, four.
Four holy Angels adorn them protected to the core.
My home stands in spirit, encompassed by love.
Protected from Evil, and blessed by the dove.
My house has four corners, one, two, three, four.
Surrounded by Angels, infused by spirit.
From present to future, so mote it be!

Say this  three times before you go to bed every night and they will come.

By: Aries

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