Defending Against A Magickal Attack

Here are some rituals and chants to help if you are under a psychic or magickal attack. There are times on our wiccan paths that we may encounter someone who does not use magick in a positive way and we may have to protect ourselves or someone else. I hope this page will help you with such a situation.

This page is dedicated to the Wiccan Warrior who provided these spells and has helped me greatly.
Thank you, Aries

The Wiccan Warrior, Aries

Heilsa and Merry Meet,

I am the Witch/Warrior known as Aries. I wanted to give those who don't know me a chance to meet me so to speak. I have practiced Magick in one form or another all of my life. My great-grandmother was a Blackfoot Indian, a Shaman, and a partitioner of Folk Magick, she taught me a great deal. Since then I studied several Magickal systems, including Witchcraft.

 I've also studied many forms of Martial Arts, some of which have similar Magickal practices as Witchcraft, I'm also former Military, and an avid grappler.

 For years I've searched for a purpose to serve, a reason for me being here the Goddess has given me that purpose. There are many Witches who can't defend and or protect themselves from those who would do them harm, this is where I come in. I have a knack for this kind of Magick which I use or teach others how to use when they have no defense.

  Of course, this is a sometimes grim and sad task for me. Poetry is my main outlet which explains why at times they are sad and grim.

 I also want to take the time to thank a few people I should have a long time ago, but for some reason I did not do so. Firstly I want to thank my Grandmare for teaching me all that I've become. Lady Sabrina and Autumn at OLOE, both of you helped to show me my potential, I love you both for it. My two High Sages Gwydion O'Hara and Donald Michael Kraig, thanks for putting up with my many and sometimes silly questions. Silver Ravenwolf and Eileen Holland, both of you inspired and guided me to become more.

 Lastly, I want to thank my friends and students who I try to stay close to. Amber, my first web friend, and the first to post my feelings. Mary for the e-mails minus the AOL bashing. Sapphirra for cooking while we were online making me very hungry. To all my students, but three in particular Songbreaze, Little Angel, and Little Willow. Yeah you guys are trouble, but I love you anyway. Arianna, what can I say about you or to you that you don't already know? We share something very special, I will never forget this.

As the Sun sets moving in retreat,
The cool air swirls to replace the heat,
After cocks crow, after the crow fly
Creatures of the night take to the sky.

All manner of creatures then stalks the night,
The bolder ones in view, others hidden from sight,
Some pushed from the light, others pulled to the glow,
Most unknown to man, humans never to know.

The shadows play as the wind teases,
Branches curl in prayer, to the dark it pleases,
The riddle of the night for all to hear,
To learn and understand, repent your fear,
Maybe the beings will be your friend,
Or maybe, just maybe, it'll be your end.

Love and Light,


Black Cat Mirror Spell

By: Aries

You'll need:
a black cat candle,
some black cat oil (patchouli and frankincense)
and a mirror.

On the night of the waxing moon, as close to midnight as possible, begin the spell. On your altar place the mirror reflective side up. As you dress the candle, visualize a barrier rising to block the psychic attacks and good luck coming to you, place the candle in the mirror light it and chant the following:  

Black cat power,
from this hour,
reflect this light,
make it right.

Allow the candle to burn for one hour every night until the full moon. On the night of the full moon, place the candle in the moonlight. Repeat the chant and allow the candle to burn out, throw any left over wax out and put the mirror away.

The Words Of Power

From the Egyptian Book of the Dead provided by The Wiccan Handbook by Aileen Holland

Recite this when you know you are under an attack.

Now as concerning the words of power and all the words which may be spoken against me,
may the gods resist them,
and may each and every one of the company of the gods withstand them.
Behold, I gather together the Word of Power from wherever it is,
swifter than greyhounds and quicker than light.
I live by reason of the words of power which I have with me.
Heaven hath power over it's seasons,
and the words of power have dominion over that which they possess;
My mouth therefore shall have power over the words of power which are therein.
I am wholly provided with thy magical words,
O Ra, those which are in the heaven above me and the earth beneath me.

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