Arianna's Spells

Arianna's Spells

These are my personally created spells and you are welcome to alter them to your needs so long as you have some knowledge of the herbs and oils and such that work best for a particular kind of spell.

Fiery Passion Spell

This spell is best performed around noon but use it whenever you need it.

You need a blue piece of paper, some jasmine incense or oil, and a red candle.

Take your paper and draw a heart on it. Then write something like the following inside the heart:

Passions of fire,
Burn between us,
On this night of Love.

Then sprinkle some jasmine herb incense or annoint with oil on the blue paper. Fold the paper into a fairly small piece.

Light the red candle and say what you wrote 3 times. Then burn the paper with the flame of the red candle and drop it into your cauldron or other heatproof surface until it is consumed.

The Spell is complete.

Protection Spell for Home and Family
Take a red candle and engrave a pentagram or any protection symbol on it. Sprinkle any of the following herbs around the candle: basil, bay, pine, or sage.

Then take any of the following stones: quartz crystal, garnet, or carnelian (enough for the four corners of your home, each person, each pet, and if necessary for various boundary points on your property.

Charge the stones with magickal energy and say something like the following:

Infuse these stones with thy power, O Great Ones!

Repeat this chant 3 times.

Bury the candle and the herbs into the ground. Then place a stone at each corner of the home, carry one on each person, if possible one on each pet, and if necessary at various points of your property.

This spell can easily be adapted for protection of one individual or just the home or whatever you need to protect.

Fertility Spell
Take an egg (brown or pink) draw a sun, circle with arrow pointing up, circle divided in 4 pieces, circle on top of a cross, a pentagram, and the fertility rune (looks like a pointed capital B).

Charge the egg with energy and visualization of the birth that you seek.

Bury the egg in the ground or in a pot under a flowering seed.

As the seed grows, so does your potential.

Emotional Healing Spell
You need the following for this:

Blue candle
The herb St. John's Wort
Cauldron or heat-proof container
A paper with your troubles written on it in detail

Take the blue candle and carve the comfort Rune on it:

Charge the candle and light it. Take the paper and sprinkle the herb on it. Charge it and fold the herb up in it.

Light the paper until it is burning good and drop it into the cauldron. As it burns visualize your troubles burning away into a happy and peaceful time. While it burns, say something like the following:

As my pain burns away, I am set free.

Repeat this 3 times.

When the paper has burned up completely, bury the ashes and the used candle in the ground.

It is complete. This spell is to help you start the healing process but it is not a quick fix for your problems. There is no such thing as a quick fix. Healing happens over time and through dealing with the issues. This spell will simply help you find the strength within to do this.

Cigarette Addiction Spell
You need:

A blue pouch filled with fresh (Must be Fresh) Catnip, Eucalyptus, Rose Petals, Sweet Pea, and Thyme (any combination of the above)

One of the following stones- Aventurine, Botswanna Agate, and Topaz.

A Blue Paper with a tear or raindrops drawn on it.

Place the pouch and the stone on this paper after you have cleansed the items in salt.

Charge the items with your energy, visualizing a time of being free of smoking.

Carry the stone and the pouch with you at all times. When you feel the urge to smoke, open the pouch and smell the herbs.

The biggest thing in breaking a habit is to be determined. Please feel free to use any of the stop smoking methods availiable to help you as well. You can beat this bad habit.

Serious Illness and Ease of Pain Spell

You need: 3 Purple Candles and 3 Blue Candles, cinnamon oil, and a picture of the person needing healing.

Alternate between blue and purple and put them in a circle around the picture.

Take each candle individually, annoint with the oil and charge it. To charge the candle, you need to sit calmly on the floor and breathe deeply until you are relaxed. Then pull energy from the Earth beneath you and push the energy through your body into the candle in your hands. As you do this, think only of healing and comfort for this person.

When you have charged each candle, sit before them and say something like the following:

May all pain and disease pass,
Only healing and comfort come.

Repeat these words 3 times. As you say the words, visualize this person healthy and happy.

When you have finished this, let the candles burn for 2 hrs. After you have extinguished the candles, bury them in the Earth. You should not keep the candles to use again.

That's it, the spell is done.

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