Soulmates and Soul Connections....

First, I'd like to say that these are my personal thoughts based on what I've learned, remembered from past lives, and experienced in this life. Others may have different views on this subject and you should consider all opinions before deciding how you personally feel about soulmates or any other spiritual matter. We all perceive things in slightly different ways and there's nothing at all wrong with that. It's part of building your own personal spiritual path.

I have come to believe that we travel in soul groups and not just with one soul. Although, I do feel that we have one soul in that group which we share in someway just about every life and the connection with that one soul is electrical and magnetic. It was a very wise wiccan crone that first suggested this idea of soul groups to me and I thought that it could be a possibility but really didn't hold a strong belief in it at the time. Since then, I've had more experience and particularly with soul connections. From what I have learned, I do feel that the idea of soul groups is a real thing. I think we have several different kinds of soulmates from this group of souls we share our lives. Some connections are stronger than others.

What exactly is a soulmate or soul connection?

Have you ever met someone either in person or online that you just seemed to have an instant connection or understanding with this person? Friendship seems to be an easy thing with this person. Sometimes you meet someone like this and there is almost an electrical connection to this person. Often romantic desires between these very strong connections develop. The really strongly connected soulmates are the ones that all of us are most familiar with and most desire to find. I will try to list and describe the different kinds of soulmates that I believe exist in our soul groups.

Companion Soulmates or Soul Friends

These are the souls that become your best friends. Those lifelong friends that stick with you no matter what. You feel very comfortable with these souls and have a unique understanding for each other through both good and bad times. You care deeply for each other but not in a romantic way usually. Sometimes you may share a spiritual group with them as well and together as a circle of sisters or brothers, you possess a very powerful connection and ability for magick. You may find that you finish each other's sentences and just know when something is wrong in their life. It's an incredible experience to find these soulmates from your group and we may even from life to life share with different members of the group in this way. I imagine that is one of the ways that we connect with everyone in our group. I have been fortunate enough to find several of my soulmate companions in this life. I have gained a great deal from what I have shared with these people. I want to say thank you to the soul sisters that I share this life with..... you know who you are.

Twin Soulmates or Romantic Soul Connections

These soulmates are the ones that share a very strong connection often in a romantic love relationship but not always. This is the person or persons that you meet in this life that feel like your mirror image. You often have so much in common and understand each other so well but at the same time you can be polar opposites too. When you're together, everything seems in balance. You may have share many past lives together or just this one but you are a part of each other regardless. Your souls are learning things in similar ways whether you meet in every life or not. You are both moving in the same direction. These connections are usually a little more than just friendships. You have a strong desire for each other and it is very magnetic. Love seems to be a very natural step at some point in your relationship with this person. They may even become your lifemate (the person you marry or spend a good part of your life). I also believe that you may have more than one in the same lifetime. They are people in your soul group with which you are intended to have a romantic love relationship. I know the title says Twin soulmates and you are wondering how can more than one be your twin. I believe that there is a difference between these connections and your one true twin-flame soulmate. Twin soulmates is what many call the kind that I've described above but I'm not sure that it is the right word to describe this kind of soulmate. That's why I also called it romantic soul connections. Love is a part of every life that we live and an experience that the Lord and Lady desire us to share. It represents their own union together and I believe that it is a part of helping us understand their divine connection to each other. To share your life with one of the souls of your group is a very special gift and has so much to offer you in learning life's lessons.

Twin-Flame Soulmates

Now we come to the kind of soulmate which everyone thinks about when you say the word and the one that everyone desires the most. This kind of soulmate has all of the qualities of the twin soulmate and much more. When these two souls connect, it is electrical and powerful. There is no doubt that you are drawn together by an unknown force. Understanding and connection is instantaneous between these two. It seems so amazing that you can know so much about a person that you may have just met for the first time in this life. You have shared just about every life in some manner with this person. The experiences are always different but at some point in life you connect with them. A romantic love happens quickly often and surprises both souls just how much you desire each other. It doesn't alway last in a romantic way but you always hold a deep spiritual connection between each other. The two of you understand each other in a way that no one else could or probably would. Twin-flame souls are mirror images of each other. One often walks more in the light and the other a little more on the darker side of things but when they are together, they balance each other perfectly. The soul of light is strong enough to bring out the best qualities in the soul of dark and the darker soul has enough passion and courage to bring those things out in the light soul. As many wonderful and incredible things that these two can offer each other, they also bring the hardest and most difficult lessons to learn in this life to one another. It is not always easy sharing a life with your twin flame. They do not always share fairy tale endings just because they are the two halves of one joined soul. Sometimes you don't get what you think you should have out of this kind of relationship. Like I said, if it is the romantic relationship that you seek with your soulmate, it does not always work out that way. You will probably share that kind of relationship for a time, maybe even a lifetime, but often that will pass. The point of having a twin-flame soulmate is spiritual. It is about what the two of you can bring to your spiritual learning in this life. If you discover that this is your purpose for existing together, then even if you can't share a physical or romantic life together, you can have peace with that and share the spiritual one together. It is an especially powerful thing when you share a magickal path such as wicca together. Your magick together is extraordinarily powerful. It's something that you can feel the sparks of energy between each other. So if you are lucky enough to find this person, enjoy the wild ride together and accept it for what it is regardless of what happens.

One final note about soulmates........

As I said before, this is how I've come to understand soulmates from my personal experience and insight. The main thing is that there will be a few very special people that you connect strongly with in this life. Learn what you can from them and appreciate what they have brought to your life. If you feel like you've found one of these very special souls and it doesn't last your whole lifetime for one reason or another, don't be so hard on yourself or question your instincts about them. There's a good chance that they were one of your soul connections and maybe they shared all that they were supposed to in this life with you. Life is about learning and the love that we share with those around us. These are the things we will take with us when we leave this world.

Love and Light,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

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