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Arianna's Wicca Ritual Tools

This is a list of tools that I personally use in rituals.

Athame- ritual double-edged knife, can be marked with pentagram or other wiccan symbols, this knife will never be used to cut anything, it is used to cast the circle and cleanse the water and the salt.

Bolline- single-edged knife used to cut plants or etch symbols into candles for rituals and spells.

Wand- a stick decorated with Goddess symbols (crescents, moons, etc.), I personally use a small limb from a tree that I peeled the bark from and painted gold and burned Goddess symbols into it with a wood burning tool but make to your own taste.

Cauldron- simply what it says a cauldron or metal bowl to burn items in for spells or to put water in for scrying of rituals, should be heat-proof or set on something heatproof, I personally use a small brass one but use what you like.

Book of Shadows- this is the book that you use to write down rituals, spells, wicca information, etc.; it can be a 3-ring binder covered in cloth(this is what I use) or any cloth bound book decorated on the front with wicca symbol, your magickal name, or anything else you want.

Pentacle- this is a plate-like dish with a pentagram drawn or painted on it, you will need this one when you ritually cleanse and consecrate your ritual tools, it is used often in rituals and spells.

Water Bowl- this is a small bowl or container for water to be used during rituals.

Asperger- this is a container that you can use to sprinkle water around the circle when you are casting your circle.

Salt Bowl- this is a small bowl or container to hold the salt that you use in casting the circle and rituals.

Chalice- this is a wine glass or glass of some kind that you use in rituals, it will be used in all rituals during the Simple Feast part of a ritual.

Bell- some like to use a bell to ring in the quarters, I personally don't use it very often but I do have one.

Broom- I use a small corn-stalk type decorator broom but you can use any wooden type, this is used to sweep away the negativity and psychic clutter in your worship area before you begin rituals.

Altar- this can be any kind of small table, a round wooden one is the preferable but use anything that you can setup your tools on to perform rituals, I like to cover it with a black cloth and decorate it with things that represent the particular season or ritual.

Lamps of Art- these are the two candles used to represent the Goddess and the God; some the candle colors you can use are Goddess: white, silver and God: red, gold; there are other appropriate colors so you might want to do some research on them.

Pen of Arts- this is the pen that you will use to write in the Book of Shadows, I personally use a feather quill pen but you can use anything but it should be set aside to use only in wiccan practice.

Goddess and God Statues- these are representations of some aspect of the Deities, I use an owl-wisdom and an eagle-strength but you can use any appropriate kind ( I thought I should point out that you are not worshipping the statues, they are merely to represent). it is not necessary to have this one so use it if you wish.

Quarter's Candles- these are the candles that you will use to mark the 4 quarters (North-earth, East-air, South-fire, West-water), these are the colors that I use for them (North-green, East-yellow, South-red, West-blue), I've found that votive type candles seem to work best for this one because the longer ones are easy to knock over when you are going around the circle.

Red Candle- this is a red candle that you use on the altar during rituals and spells.

Censer- this is an incense dish used during rituals, it needs to be something that you can carry with you around the circle, it uses the herb-kind of incense, you will also need quick-light charcoal blocks to put in the dish to burn the incense.

Stick and Cone incense holders- I personally like to use a couple of other stick or cone incenses to set the mood in the worship area but this one isn't necessary.

Libation Dish- this is a dish to place offerings to the Deities(this is things like nuts, seeds, crystals, herbs, etc but not animals; I don't know any wicca who do any kind of animal sacrifices but probably are some who do. Wicca teaches us to do no harm to any living creature, so it is best to not involve yourself in such harmful practices.), this can be of any design that you like.

Matches and Cup for used Matches- you will need matches for lighting the incense and candles and it is safer to have some kind of heat-proof dish or cup to put the used ones in.

Musical Instuments- this one is not necessary but I like to use them in setting the mood for worship, I personally use a wooden flute and an Indian drum but you can use anything you like.

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There are many other things that can be used in rituals. You might want to have any divination tool that you are going to use on your altar or in your worship space. What I have listed here will at least help you to get started. Blessings to you and if you want to go to the next page, just click on the link at the bottom.

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