Arianna's Wicca Rituals Arianna's Wicca Rituals

These rituals are how I personally perform them. Alter them to your own taste and needs. This page is to help those just starting to get an idea of how rituals are performed.

Full Moon Rite

It is best to try to perform this ritual at night where you can see the Full Moon. You may want to have lunar symbols or quartz crystal present on and around your altar. You should have your cauldron or a white bowl with fresh water as well.

Arrange your altar and worship space, light the candles and incense, and then cast your circle. Say your invocations to the Goddess and the God and any other chants or prayers you might wish to say.

Look up at the Full Moon and let its energies flow through you and allow the Goddess to fill you with Her love and power. Then say something similar to the following:

Great Goddess of the Moon,
Lady of mysteries and wonders,
Sharing your sacred light,
O Loving Lady of the night,
Our Mother of wisdom,
I celebrate thy Lunar jewel,
As it grows to its peak of power,
With this ritual of honor,
O Lady of the Moon,
O Lady of the Moon,
O Lady of the Moon.

Visualize the Goddess as you see her and continue saying "O Lady of the Moon" for as long as you feel need.

Then perform works of divination or magick or both as you feel is necessary. The Full Moon is a powerful time for both. Then perform the Simple Feast (crescent cakes and white wine are traditional but use what you feel is appropriate). Give Thanks to the Spirits of the Elements, The Goddess, and The God. Then release your circle.

Your ritual is completed.

Imbolc Ritual

Place snowflakes, white flowers, and crystals around the altar and worship area. You can also use melted snow in the cauldron. You need an orange candle anointed with one of the following oils: cinnamon, frankincense, or rosemary.

Setup your worship area and altar. Light the candles and incense. Cast the circle. Invoke the Deities and spirits of the elements.

Then say something similar to the following:

As these lights shine,
In the honor of the rebirth of our Lord.
I celebrate life!
I celebrate my Lord and Lady!

Then light the orange candle from the red candle or Southern candle. As you walk slowly clockwise around the circle with the orange candle say:

While Earth sleeps it's winter sleep,
As all life awaits the coming warmth,
My Lord of the Sun is reborn,
Blessed be the Mother Goddess who gives life,
Hail and Welcome O, Great God!

Stand before the altar with the orange candle and visualize your life growing with renewed energy and creativity.

You can now do divination or spells. Celebrate the Simple Feast and release the circle.

You are now done.

For more rituals see the next page.

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