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Here is more great poetry by various Wiccan authors who have contributed their work to this site.

Peaceful Giants

Swaying gently to the rythm of the breeze,
Mist illuminating the air,
A soft creak is whispered,
As the pine sings its song.
Standing mighty and tall,
with a certain touch of gentleness,
They serve as a shelter against the storm,
For they are the pine
Hailing to the god and goddess above,
They stand as a symbol of peace and serenity,
And stand strong to protect creatures below,
forever will they remain wise and beautiful.

By: Aurora Dragonlim

To Walk the Shaman's Path

To cross the Nagual's threshold,
To leap from here to there,
The warrior must be bold,
His strength is to care.
His soul is totally sold,
To his Lady who is fair,
Their story will be told,
As they fly through the air.

He dreams when he is old,
Dragons sleep in their lair,
He buys a precious ring of gold,
And His Lady is finally there.

But, if his dream was sold,
By his love so fair,
There'll be no ring of gold,
She will only have her ware.

So, let the truth be told,
It's in his heart so bare,
Can her heart be that cold,
And still cause him to pair?

Or, is she even as bold,
To keep the path of care,
Her lovers arms, longing to hold,
Into his eyes to stare.

Each one watches part of the fold,
To leave them they do not dare,
Though alone they tremble in the cold,
Their love is very rare.

By: Walks With Night


The Earth,
lush and green,
older than the existence of Man,
our loving nurturer.

deep and blue,
flowing through the world,
like the blood in our own veins, connecting.

our salvation, our survival,
the breath of Life,
in and around us, constantly.

blazing red and gold,
leaping high, leaping low,
spirits of orange passion.

The Immortal Spirit,
born but never dying
created but not destroyed.
Invincible and unbreakable.

The Never Ending Circle,
the Inexhaustable Love of
the Great Mother and Father,
the Eternal Dance of Life, Death and Rebirth,
the Promise of the Universe.

By Lady Slvani

Hearken sisters and brothers the call,
come all, dance `round the sacred flame,
the forest will be the gathering hall,
tread the old paths with awe, not in shame.

Odin One-Eye, Lord of the Lore,
Thor Red-Beard, Thunder and Flame,
Tyr Left-Hand, Warrior`s core,
Hel, Guardian of those with no name.

St. Gabriel, Lord of the Sea,
St. Michael, Keeper of Flame,
St. Raphael, eternal Wind flows free,
St. Auriel, Earth, who will all of us claim.

Ra, Mithras, Jeshua ben Meryam,
Death and Rebirth, light in different rays,
your protection we beg, to the fire have come,
in reverence of the right-handed ways.

Deosil we will call each quarter,
the athame will not drink any life,
Firwood incense, salt and clean water,
our offer to you, Spirits arrive!

Protect us in winter, give promise of spring,
guard and grant us fire, air, earth and sea,
dance to the music, that we but dimly sing,
keep us, bless us, till the last light we see.

By: Wilhelm Schantel

Mother Godess, Virgin, Mother and hag,
Belenus, Osiris, Ra, Cernunnos, we call
thee, Lord of the Forests, Man and Stag,
and you Mother, as Samhain Night does fall.

Bride and Mother, Hag and Love,
Lover and sacrifice, Boy and Mate,
fierce as a hawk, gentle as the dove,
rulers of earth and sky and fate.

Balance is the principal command,
give and take, live and die,
rever the gifts of sea and land,
love and be loved, laugh and cry.

Use your powers for what you need,
be not afraid of stating your mind,
shirk away from craving, from greed,
be as you are and true friends you`ll find.

Open your hand, it`s not meant for a fist,
open your heart, let your spirit fly,
live your life fully till the nether shore`s mist
will welcome you, as a part of sea, earth, flame and sky.

By: Wilhelm Schantel

Hunter`s Moon

Frostbite is in the air, snow is falling slow,
Brothers, arise; it is time for the show.
The moon is full up, Skadi`s lamp burning bright,
join us in the chorus, let us sing to the night.

It is time for the chill of our united song,
I can almost taste fresh kill`s hot blood on my tongue.
Let the howl shatter the silence from peak to glen,
Wolf`s Hour, we are hungry again.

The King of Stags is fearsome in his own right,
he wants to live too, beware of his might.
There, can you see him standing alone?
Brothers, come join us, be the multiplied One.

Feel lfe`s call in your hearts, in your brain,
cold air cut`s like a knife, we are running again.
And swift paws will chase the stag to standstill,
time for jaws then, bite, rip, and kill.

He can fly like the wind, but faster still,
is our cunning mind, our iron will.
Soon he will stagger, won`t run anymore,
reach his limit, stop at exhaustion`s shore.

Then comes the moment of circling and weaving,
dance slowly, though tired, he will not be forgiving.
The smallest mistake will cost anyone dear,
but, furry grey brothers, is that a reason for fear?

The hunt burns hot now, but hotter still,
is the feeling inside us We Can, We Will.
We can`t deny it with that smile on the face,
it`s not the kill only, it`s the Thrill of The Chase

By: Wilhelm Schantel

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