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Here is more great poetry by various Wiccan authors who have contributed their work to this site.

Lady of Love and Light

Forest and field, living life surreal,
All that surrounds me changes how I feel,
Bubbles and popping, bold flashes of light,
Rolling of thunder and the mist blocks my sight,
Apparitions laugh, wicked smiles they flaunt,
Visions of life and death is how they taunt.

I wrestle with sights, struggle with the sounds,
I anticipate silence as all else spins round,
Swirling, twirling, light flowing higher,
Although there is heat, there is no fire,
To break from this madness I find hard to see,
But as I ponder this trial, it returns to me,
It was shrouded in darkness a path taken in haste.

Falling ever faster, a quarter century of waste,
I remember this choice, I remember it well,
Not light nor dark, betwixt I dwell,
As the weight of my plight hammers within,
True terror runs through me as darkness descends,
My Goddess I cried, my Goddess I called.

As I closed my eyes, darkness continued to fall,
A ring of light appeared with no rhyme or reason,
The moon was eclipsed, then a change of season,
Cool air swept in quenching the heat.

My most beautiful Lady I said to greet,
A LIGHT shone down from the SHADOW of the MOON,
As her voice whispered to me a most melodious tune,
Your torment is over, due to end now.

I felt the embrace and a kiss on the brow,
Ever since that day I've not strayed from my path,
I've weaved and labored to protect my craft,
As for my Goddess my love has no end,
As I say "THANK YOU" to her all over again.

By: Aries

The Journey

The well of worlds that swallows all whole,
The progression of seasons that circle my soul,
The wind and water, fire and sand,
On Earth's ebb and flow I travel the land,
On the wings of a Gull or thunder and light,
My goal is far out, but still within sight,
Though my heart filled with sorrow my vision is clear,
Although my body has faltered there is no fear,
As a whirlwind of fire sweeps the darkness away,
I cannot follow it is here I must stay,
Until I am one and all is complete,
As the Goddess protects me, I won't know defeat.

By: Aries

Strength of a Warrior

By the gloom of night or light of day,
From a winter's chill or spring spray,
The blade of this sword a sheath may hide,
There's the heart of a razor lurking inside,
A vow forged of flesh then tempered by spirit,
A union as holy most demons will fear it,
But the enemies of my clan, yes the enemies mine.

Have broken the rules and bound through time,
So by the will of gods and the strength of man,
I shall sever their ties strand by strand,
But whatever the cost I prevail by my hand.

By: Aries

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