Arianna's Wiccan Poetry

I love good poetry and I like to write poetry. I thought there should be page for other wiccans and myself to share our thoughts through creative poetry. I hope you like this page and if you would like to add your own, please feel free to e-mail me.

Song of the Wolf

Under the amber glow of the Moon,
Among the dancing shadows of the night,
Through the mists and darkness loom,
Allured by the enchantment of soft moonlight,
They sing their mysterious calls.

Cunning hunters of the depths of darkness,
Roaming forest groves among the pines so tall,
Enduring the twists of time and fates unknown harshness,
Children of the night who compell and inspire our fears,
May they forever dare us to imagine and dream.

By: Arianna

The Magick of Life
As the Earth awakens from winter sleep,
The fiery Sun grows and warms the air,
While tiny gems of life lay hidden,
Awaiting the touch of my Lady's love,
Filled withe energies that abound,
Life springs forth and all creatures celebrate.

By: Arianna

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