Self-Dedication Ritual

I have included this page for those who wish to practice solitary and would like to perform a formal ritual dedicating themselves to the Wiccan path. If you are planning on joining a coven, they usually perform rites of initiation within the coven when they feel that you are ready.

What is a Self-dedication ritual and why should I perform one?
Self-dedication is simply committing yourself to following the Wiccan way and dedicating yourself to the Goddess and God. This is something that you should do only after you have studied and practiced rituals. When you have come to a point at which you know in your heart that Wicca is the true path for you, then you can consider performing this ritual. I don't believe that Self-dedication is necessary to practice wicca and I think that is is something you should have given a great deal of thought and meditation.

You will know when you are ready to perform this ritual.

The Self-dedication Ritual
First, spend a few sunrises or late at night contemplating what you want to gain from Wicca. Write it down in your Mirror Book (This is like a journal that you keep about your thoughts about wicca, divination, or anything else you might want to put in such a journal). Second, think about what you wish to give to Wicca. This could be anything from connecting with other Wiccans on the Web to anything that cares for the Earth. Write this down in your Mirror Book. This done, you are ready to go to the next step of performing the actual ritual.

The Rite

Prepare a ritual bath and add some salt and a few drops of sandalwood or frankincense oil to it. If you have to use a shower, take a washcloth and put salt and oil on it, then rub it all over your body.

When you have finished your bath, dress comfortably to go to a secluded area outside. You can do this anywhere in the outdoor but you need to be in a place where you won't be disturbed. All you need to take with you is some essential oil like sandalwood, frankincense, cinnamon, or any other you feel would be appropriate.

When you get to the place you have decided upon, take off your shoes and sit quietly on the ground. Sit until you are calm and relaxed feeling the Earth's energies around you.

Then stand up and look out where you are and let the Deities draw you to the right place for the ritual.

When you have found the right place, sit down and set the oil on the ground beside you. Use deep breathing and relax yourself again, let the energies flow around and through you.

Call upon the Goddess and the God in your own way. Tell them what you desire and that you wish to dedicate yourself to the Wiccan way and to them. Ask them to fill you with their divine energy.

When you do this, you may feel a surge of energy or a peaceful feeling. Whatever happens you will know that the Deities have heard you. You will feel different.

After you have finished talking the the Lord and Lady, take some of the oil and draw the symbols for the Goddess and the God on you somewhere. Visualize the symbols glowing in white light and flowing into your body.

Thank the Deities and sit and quietly meditate on the experience before you leave.

It is done. Go home and celebrate your experience in some way. Share the excitement with any of your wiccan friends. It's your celebration, so do it in your way.

The Goddess symbol- )O(
The God symbol-

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