New Year's Spell For Luck

To ensure that your life is blessed with good luck through the next twelve months perform this simple spell at midnight New Years Eve.  First open every door and window you can of your house to allow the spirit of the old year to depart.

 Go outside and lite a green candle that has been anoined with a few drops of cinnamon, cypress, or lotus oil, and without uttering a single word, reenter your house through the back door (if you don't have a back door enter and go left ).  Walk through every room in your home with the green candle lite.  Go back out side through the front door ( again if you only have one door go out from the right).  Than in again through the back.

 Additionally, you may place a silver coin, a piece of coal, and a piece of bread on a windowsill or porch at midnight on New Year's Eve, and then into the house after you rise from bed on New year's morning.

Given By: Gerina Dunwich

Altered by: Hecate She-Ra Bast  

for people who don't have back doors

Submitted by: Hecate She-Ra Bast

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