December 2000 Newsletter for The Noctura Circle of Power

Merry Meet Sisters,

This was a fairly quiet time for our group during this month. We were all pretty busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays as well as dealing with some difficult family situations. We did manage to connect from time to time and help support each other through this time. As Yule came, we looked forward to new changes and a brighter future. We hung ribbons of hope to see better times. Although a tough time, we are coming through it and beginning to reconnect with each other looking towards growth in our coven.

Love and Light,


The Coven News

Our Coven, The Nocura Circle of Power, began on April 15, 2000.

We didn't do any formal rituals together but we always held onto our connection as we celebrated the Full Moon and Yule for this month.

The Gateway of Wiccan Knowledge Community is our new Wiccan community which we are building in an effort to help others learn more about Wicca. If you have any suggestions for sites or to add your own sites or clubs, use the link at the bottom of this page or email them to Arianna.

Here are some contributions to the Newsletter from Hecate She-Ra Bast.

Mistletoe Spell For Luck

New Year's Spell For Good Luck

The Yule Wish Tree

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