October and November 2000 Newsletter for The Noctura Circle of Power

Merry Meet Sisters,

I think that the last couple of months has taught us all an appreciation for what we share together here. Everyone here is special to this coven and offer their own unique abilities to helping us grow as sisters. Things don't always stay the same and sometimes even painful change can be a good thing even when we can't see it at that moment. We have had our share of those lately but it will work out for our good. The Joy of the Sun will shine again and we'll look back on these dark times as good lessons in life. I just want to say thank you all for being my sisters. It's the greatest gift the Goddess has given me.

Love and Light,


The Coven News

Our Coven, The Nocura Circle of Power, began on April 15, 2000.

Many things have happened over the last couple of months. We've all had our share of troubles in our lives. One of our coven sisters left our coven, sister Nerissa. That was a hard thing for all of us. Although in some ways, it has brought us all closer together. We all finally have msn messenger service which allows us to have more opportunities to talk to each other. We have continued to perform rituals together for the Full Moon and Samhain. You will find those rituals in our Book of Shadows in the Rituals Section. Everyone here was witness to Ari and Jag's handparting. See the Noctura Gathering Place Discussion Area for the details surrounding this. Life has been full of changes for our group but we have also grown spiritually along the way. We have learned that we have each other to help us each get through these hard times in our lives. There is a great connection between us and it is our hope that it continues to grow and that we will follow the direction intended for us by the Goddess. May the Lord and Lady bless the Coven Noctura.

Arianna's Gateway of Wiccan Knowledge Community is something that was started as a joint effort between Arianna and Jaggan with the intention for the coven sisters to play a large role in it as well. Since Jaggan has chosen to no longer be a part of this endeavor, I would like for this site to belong to all of us here. I encourage you to share your ideas and any sites of your own to be added to this community. I do feel that it was something that the Deities wanted to be and hopefully through it we will be able to help other learn and grow on the Wiccan Path.

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