September 2000 Newsletter for The Noctura Circle of Power

Merry Meet Sisters,

We are starting to pull together more as a coven now. Some of us have had some troubles in our families and personal lives but we are all still doing pretty well. We performed a Full Moon Esbat and a Banishing Ritual together during this month. We began some new ways of doing things and some new activities to help us grow together. We continue to find new spiritual insights and share our experiences. We have a really good thing going here and a great group of sisters. I see us being here together for quite some time to come.

Love and Light,


The Coven News

Our Coven, The Nocura Circle of Power, began on April 15, 2000.

We performed our first Full Moon esbat together as a group. Things went very well and it was a good growing experience for us. Eset contributed the invocations and general format for our ritual. You can find the ritual we did on the Esbat Rituals Page in the Book of Shadows.

We also performed a cleansing, house protection, and banishment ritual along with our Mabon rituals on September 22, 2000. It went fairly well and we all got to work on some of those negative things we wanted to be rid of in our lives. I think the ritual did us a lot of good clearing the way for new spiritual things in our lives. The ritual was a combination of ideas from all members and written into one ritual for us all to do together. You can find a copy of this ritual in the Banishment Spells section of the Book of Shadows.

Here is a contribution to the Newsletter from Hecate She-Ra Bast. What Tree Did You Fall Off Of?

Here is another contribution to the Newsletter from Hecate She Ra Bast. The Candles Are Blowing In the Wind

We began some new things for the coven this last month. We moved to a new discussion area for the gathering place at egroups to help us communicate better. We also began a new activities section of the coven dividing the responsibilities for helping our coven to grow. Everyone now has some way to contribute and a direction for us to work towards. We are working on our Book of Shadows through this activity section and helping each other to learn new things. Please check out the sections of the Book of Shadows for new updates and additions. See the link at the bottom of this page.

For all of our latest topics of discussion, you can go to the
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