The August 2000 Newsletter for The Noctura Circle of Power

Merry Meet Sisters,

It has been quite a summer for everyone. We were a little slow around here all summer but everyone had some interesting experiences. All of the sisters have come back together now and we added one new sister as well. It has been a good spiritual insight time for a lot of us. We are starting lots of new things in the coven now and I'm excited about the road ahead for us all.

Love and Light,


The Coven News

Our Coven, The Nocura Circle of Power, began on April 15, 2000.

Our 5th coven initiate to join is Moon Magick also known as Patricia. You can learn more about her from the Book of Shadows Initiates Profiles Page 4
You may also find her e-mail and comment to the coven on the Initiates List.

We haven't done any rituals together in the month of August but many have had spiritual experiences. Arianna met her spirit guides during vacation to the beach and had some very incrdible things go on during that time. We got to know our new initiate Moon Magick better. You can learn more about Arianna's spiritual experiences by going to the coven learning place at our new egroups site. Lots of new things are brewing for our coven to bring new life back into it.

For all of our latest topics of discussion, you can go to the
Coven Gathering Place
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