The June and July Newsletter for The Noctura Circle of Power

Merry Meet Sisters,

It has been quite a couple of months for all of us. There have been lots of new and interesting things happening in everyone's lives. We have all come together so well here and it is very much like a second family. We have all been here for each other in difficulties and in some very exciting times as well. I hope that we always pull together the way that we have during this beginning time of our new coven. Thank you all for being such wonderful sisters. I wouldn't trade you gals for anything.

Love and Light,


The Coven News

Our Coven, The Nocura Circle of Power, began on April 15, 2000.

Our third member to join the coven was Eset aka Dianne. You can visit her coven profile by going to the
Book of Shadows Initiates Profiles Page 3
You may find her e-mail and comment on the
Initiates List.

We have not done any new rituals together but have had many interesting discussions lately. Arianna and Dianne have MSN messenger now to keep up with each other and hopefully soon everyone else will as well. It has been a really good way for us to catch each other. We've been taking this time to really get to know each other better.

Arianna was handfasted to Jag on July 7, 2000. An interesting discussion to be found in the Forum area under the Casual Discussion Area. I discovered my soulmate online through an interesting way in itself. Needless to say we have become as one spirit and wanted to honor our connection in this way. Our handfasting ritual can be found at Ari and Jag's Handfasting Rite. If you are new to the coven, please read the discussion or ask me questions to understand.

For all of our latest topics of discussion, you can go to the
Coven Gathering Place
and click on the Noctura Message Board there.

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