Noctura Coven Code of Conduct

The Coven Laws

1. You will abide by the Wiccan Rede to the best of your ability.

2. The web address for this coven will not be given out to anyone but coven initiates listed on the members list. You will not discuss the existence or any other part of this coven with those in the Beginning Wicca Clubs or Classroom. This is a private coven for those that I feel will work and learn well together. That is why membership here is by invitation of the Founder only. You may suggest those you would like to include in this place and I will take very serious consideration for each suggestion with many discussions among this group about any possible new member. I want this to be a safe and caring place to practice Wicca.

3. You may definitely continue participation in all of the Beginning Wicca Clubs and Classroom. They are good tools for continued learning. I only ask that you ask permission from this group before sharing anything from the Coven Book of Shadows. Some of it may be shared but there will be other parts that can not be shared. Asking permission solves any conflict of interest.

4. You are more than welcome to offer suggestions for ways to make this a better coven. We will discuss suggestions and problems openly among all members. This is a place where we can share, learn, and accept any criticism when needed. This is a circle of Wiccan friends. One built in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

5. Whatever you do on this Wiccan path you have chosen, do it in Love. There's nothing you can not do if you use good judgement and practice in the Light.

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