The Noctura Pentagram Circle of Power

During our time together as a coven of sisters, we discovered that the Goddess had shared with us a special pentagram circle in which each of us has our own unique place. It first came to me in a vision of each of us practicing together in a circle with each of us at a point of a pentagram within that circle. Our power combined as one in the center, around, and through each of us. Everyone at some point had an experience with a pentagram throughout the time we've been together. Some through dreams, ritual experiences, and our workings together as a group. It is clear that the Goddess has given us this to help us on our spiritual path together as sisters. Below, I will give you which point and what that position seems to represent for each of us. This is who we are.....our point of power which brought together as one can accomplish anything. May the Goddess bless each and everyone of us, sisters of the Coven Noctura.

In Perfect Love & Trust,

Arianna Moonlightshadow

Arianna Moonlightshadow

Top Point of the Pentagram: Spirit - Power

I have come to feel that it means the power to energize and see the inner spirit of others and the potential that they hold...... to open pathways and light the way.....


Right Upper Point of the Pentagram: Air - Love

I believe that this sister possesses the ability to share with all in perfect love in such a way that it spreads to everyone. She understands the love and nurturing that any group of friends need. She is the Joy of the Sun that brightens our life. With her, nothing ever seems hopeless...... there is always a ray of hope.....


Right Lower Point of the Pentagram: Fire - Knowledge

This is our sister of fire who blazes with the wonder of magick and a desire for knowledge. She keeps us thinking and searching for a deeper understanding. Her excitement for new magickal discoveries radiates through all of us..... She is Fire........

Hecate She Ra Bast

Left Lower Point of the Pentagram: Water - Wisdom

Our sister of wisdom...... the crone of our coven who shares with us the understanding and wisdom of the Goddess. She has been blessed with insight and that special unique way of helping us see things in a new way.......

Silver Spiritdancer

Left Upper Point of the Pentagram: Earth - Truth

She is our sister who always has her feet on the ground and knows when to speak the truth to us even when it's hard..... She makes us think before we leap...... her need for seeing the truth in things helps keep our faith strong.........

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