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1. The Complete Wiccan Rede

2. The Pyramid of Power

3. Coven Initiate Profiles

4. A List of Aspects of Deities

5. Suggestions For Rituals

6. Sabbats and Esbats Yearly Calendar

7. Recipes For Essential Oils

8. Recipes For Incense

9. Recipes For Ritual Foods

10. Herbal Grimoire

11. Magickal Stones

12. Magickal Meanings of Candle Colors

13. Healing Spells

14. Protection Spells

15. Money Spells

16. Fertility Spells

17. Centering and Magickal Strength Spells

18. Psychic Awareness Spells

19. Banishment Spells

20. Coven Divination

21. Spirit Guides and Power Animals

22. Multiuse Magickal Spells

Back Cover of The Book of Shadows

As a Coven Initiate, you have been given access to a wonderful tool of a Wiccan Coven, The Book of Shadows. This is a book we will make together as a group. It will grow with all of us and will hold the knowledge of this Circle of Power. This Book of Shadows is to be shared with no one but Coven members. This is our own private book and I have done everything that I can to ensure that it remain only Ours. I ask that You help me keep The Noctura Circle of Power Book of Shadows protected.

In Perfect Love & In Perfect Trust,


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