Essential Oils: Recipes and Magickal Uses

Astral Projection Oil submitted by Eset

1. Mix (dry versions. not oils) with mortar/pestle:
1 teaspoon jasmine
1 teaspoon cinquifoil
2 teaspoons mugwort
1 teaspoon woodruff

2. Add:
2 drops of acacia
4 drops of benzoin
3 drops of rue
1 drop of sandlewood

3. Gently swirl (clockwise)with:
1/4 cup of jojoba,sunflower or safflower oil.

Store in airtight, opaque, or dark-colored bottle away from heat, light and moisture. Note: jojoba works best as it does not become rancid and last for longer periods of time.

Use: apply to temples, forehead, throat, pulse at wrists or inner elbows, back of knees, ankles and soles of feet. You can also burn incense such as jasmine, sandlewood or benzion.

Purification Oil for Cleansing Ritual

Make the following oil and annoint white candles before you burn:

Citrus Purification Oil

3 drops orange
2 drops lemongrass
2 drops lemon
1 drop lime
1/8 cup of safflower or sunflower oil

Swirl in a clockwise motion and annoint white candles

Love and Light


Altar Oil

1. Mix dry ingredients with mortar/ pestle:
1/2 teaspoon rue
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon vervain

2. Add:
3 drops oil od citronella
1 drop oil of fir
1 drop oil of rue
2 drops oil of sandlewood

3. Gently swirl with:
1/4 cup spring or distilled water.

Altar oil is used to prepare your altar for ritual. Sprinkle your altar with the appropriate sprig for the season. ( white heather at Imbolc, etc,)

Love and Light


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