Esbat's Calendar for 2000

*Full Moons*

January 20

February 19

March 19

April 18

May 18

June 16

July 16

August 15

September 13

October 13

November 11

December 11

Sabbats Calendar for 2000


February 2: This is the celebration of the rebirth of the God. It is customary to light candles in all parts of the house. It is also called Candlemas. There are special rituals to celebrate this event.


March 20: This is the Spring Equinox. This one celebrates the renewing of life on the Earth. It is traditional to pick wildflowers, take a nature walk, or work on magickal gardens.


May 1: This is the celebration of the marriage of the Goddess and the God. Weaving and platting are traditional such as platting flowers.


June 20: This is the Summer Soltice. It celebrates the warmth of summer and the power of the God. It is a time to burn away the sorrows and pains of your life. It is a great time to perform magick of all kinds. A time for purification and renewed energy.

*Lughnasadh or Lammas*

August 1: This is the celebration of First Harvest. It is a ritual to teach us about the sacrifice of nature so that we may understand rebirth. It is traditional to make breads in the symbols of the God and Goddess. Wheat weaving is also traditional. It is good to visit fields and orchards to commune with the deities.


September 22: This is the Fall Equinox. This celebrates the beginning of fall and the falling of seeds into the ground so that the rebirth of life may be possible. It is traditional to go on walks hunting for seeds and dried plants to decorate with or use in future magick practices.


October 31: This is the time to remember friends and loved ones who have passed on but with the joy of knowing that they have moved onto better things and that the soul never dies. It is traditional to light a candle in the window to guide those who have passed to the land of eternal summer. Some think that this is a time to communicate with the dead but it is really a time to honor them with your memories.


December 21: This is the Winter Solstice. This is a time to honor the Mother Goddess and the coming rebirth of the Sun. A time to celebrate the hidden potential within the Earth and ourselves. It is traditional to decorate an evergreen tree with cinnamon sticks, apples, quartz crystals, or any other natural decorcations. Yule logs are also traditional.

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