Various Yule Rituals

Arianna's Yule Rite

Decorate the altar with pine and evergreens. You will need the cauldron filled with a burnable substance or put the red candle in it.

Setup the altar and worship area. Light the candles and incense. Cast the Circle and invoke the Deities.

Look into the cauldron and say something like:

Though the Earth is wrapped in winter's sleep,
Though the snow and wind blows,
I will celebrate with joy.

Light the cauldron or red candle in the cauldron and say:

To honor thee O Mother Goddess,
To welcome the returning God of the Sun,
I light this fire.

Walking slowly, clockwise around the altar looking at the fire, repeat this chant:

The wheel turns; the power burns.

When you have finished this, stop and meditate on the hidden potential within us and every living thing.

Then stand before the altar and say:

I give honor to thee My Lord of the Sun,
From darkness you have been reborn,
Blessings to you My Lord,
I welcome thee!

Practice magick or divination now. Perform the Simple Feast and release the Circle.

It is completed.

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