Various Samhain Rituals

Arianna's Samhain Rite

You need pomegranates, apples, and other late fall fruits. You also need to write down on a piece of paper some bad thing in your life that you want to be free of. Also, the cauldron or other heat-proof container and a flat dish with an 8 spoked wheel drawn or painted on it.

Before you begin this ritual, sit and meditate on people you have been close to that have died. Think of them in a positive way and remember the things that you liked most about them.

Fix the altar and your worship space. Light your candles and incense. Cast the Circle and invoke the Deities.

Take one of the pomegranates and cut it open with your boline. Take out some of the seeds and put them on the Eight-Spoked Wheel dish. With your wand raised towards the altar, say something like:

On this night of Samhain,
I give honor to My Lord,
I give honor to those who have passed from this life,
Mother Goddess give me comfort,
Show me that death is only the beginning of new life.

As you eat some of the pomegranate seeds, look at the Eight-Spoked Wheel. Think about the Circle of Life.

Light a fire in the cauldron or use a candle in it. Hold the piece of paper and look into the fire and say:

My Lady of the Moon,
I light this fire,
To change the negative in my life,
Change that which is bad into good.

Now light the paper in the fire and drop it into the cauldron and let it burn. Visualize the trouble burning away until it is gone.

Now is a good time for divination or magick. Release your pains for those who have passed on but do not call upon them. Leave the dead in peace. This is also a good time to try to look into past lives. Perform any magick that is necessary at this time.

Perform the Simple Feast and release the Circle.

The ritual is finished.

Rhiannon's Samhain Coven Ritual

you will need:

bowl or small cauldron filled with earth and a black candle placed inthe middle. a small bowl of salt
1 apple and a knife to slice.

Take a few moments to relax and look inward, feel the energies of the night.

When you are ready, cast your circle. When your circle is cast say thefollowing:

Hail to my sisters, our coven of four
let us join now together, our time now to soar
as we cast our circle on this sacred night
we welcome passed loved ones to our magick rite.
In this time out of time,
when the worlds' veil is thin
the wisdom of our ancestors is singing within

...the next part should be said while lighting your candle and sprinkling salt through the flame onto the earth. Now say:

The Horned One has passed,
the Goddess now mourns
the earth is now bare,
yet he shall be reborn
as we sprinkle our salt ,
through this flame of power
we honour Hecate,
who reigns at this hour
Red leaves fall as we all, to the earth
preparing for renewal in her cauldron of rebirth.

.....Now, slice your apple horizontally to show it's pentagram and say:

Behold sisters our pentacle,
it is our sacred symbol,
strengthen our ailing loved ones
and make their hearts nimble.

... Then take a bite of your apple and say:

In living we die and in dying we live
this be the wisdom the Crone has to give
the fruit is first seed yet seed comes from the fruit
the wheel turns ever, and we are it's root.

... then sprinkle the seeds in the the earth.

We can now turn our ritual over to Patricia to do a tarot reading, this is only if you wish to Patricia, I thought it would be neat to have you do this as you are our Crone and we honour the Crone at Samhain, but, no pressure lol. Just let me know and we can change a couple of things.

First we'll close our part by saying:

Grandmothers Grandfathers, great be their power
passed ones and present at this very hour
Our hearth is your hearth we bidd welcome to ye
old tales to tell and new visions to see
We call on our sister Moonmagick our Crone
to see with her power the seeds we have sown
may she see where they land and begin to take root
may she know how they grow, and when they'll bear fruit
For this greatest of nights when the Power is so near
the Wheel yet turns, to birth a New Year.

then Moonmagick can do her tarot reading if she wishes, I will also bee-mailing a recipe for apple loaf, or if you can bake a bannock to eat and leave out as a soul cakes. you can take some time to talk with your spirit guides or spirits who have joined our circle. that is our ritual, it is done.

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