Various Mabon Rituals

Arianna's Mabon Rite

You need to have nuts, fruits, acorns, pine cones, or any other fall type of thing. Also a basket filled with fall leaves.

Arrange the worship area, light candles and incense, and cast the Circle. Call upon the Deities.

Hold the basket of leaves up in front of the altar and scatter them within the Circle. As you do this say something like:

As the leaves fall to the ground,
I give honor to You, O Sun God,
As you jouney into the land of eternal night,
The coldness of winter draws nearer,
But we know that there is not life without death.
Blessings to You my Lord.

Put the basket back down and say:

My Lady of wisdom,
Show me how to plant seeds of love,
That I may reap the fruits thereof,
Share Your wisdom with me,
That I may live wisely in this life.
O my Lady of Love and Light.

You can now perform divination or magick. Perform the Simple Feast and release the Circle.

It is completed.

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