Various Lughansadh Rituals

Arianna's Lughansadh Rite

Have some kind of grain sheaves and fruits, bread, or any harvest kind on thing on the altar.

Setup the altar and worship space. Light the candles and incense. Cast the circle and invoke the Deities.

Hold up some of the grain, standing in front of the altar and say something like:

At this time of the First Harvest,
Let me understand the sacrifices of life,
That which allows us to continue,
Bring me understanding of rebirth,
As the Sun fades to the coldness of night.

Let some of the grains from the sheaves fall on the altar and take a bite of some of the fruit or other harvest food and say:

As I eat of the fruits of the First Harvest,
I give thee thanks, My Lord and My Lady.
Fill me with its energies,
That I may continue to gain insight into Your mysteries.

Eat the rest of the fruit or other harvest food that you had used for this.

Practice works of magick or divination. Celebrate the Simple Feast and release the Circle.

Your ritual is complete.

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