Various Litha Rituals

Arianna's Litha Ritual

You need to make a pouch of herbs such as chamomile, lavender, vervain, or any other appropriate herb. As you make the pouch allow all of your troubles and pains go into it. Close it with a red string. Lay it on the altar. You will also need the red candle and the cauldron on the altar for this ritual.

Arrange your sacred space and altar. Light the candles and incense. Cast the circle and invoke the Deities.

With wand raised before the altar, say:

As the energies of the Earth flow around me,
I celebrate the warmth of summer,
Let my troubles and cares,
be burned away,
O, Lord of the Sun,
Cleanse me,
Cleanse me,
Cleanse me.

Place the wand on the altar, take your herbal pouch and light it in the flame of the red candle. When it is burning good, drop it into the cauldron.

Then say:

Troubles be gone by the power of my Lord and Lady!
Troubles be gone by the power of the Sun, Moon, and Stars!
Troubles be gone by the power of the Elememts!

Stop and feel the troubles of life burn away until they are gone.

My Lord, My Lady, Fill me with the energies, Of this wondrous night of magick. I give thee thanks, O Great Ones!

Meditate on the cleansing and feel the divine energies that flow around you.

Perform divination or magick. Celebrate the Simple Feast and release the circle.

It is done!

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