Various Beltaine Rituals

Arianna's Beltaine Rite

This is best celebrated outdoors near a living tree but you can use a potted tree indoors within the circle. Prior to the Sabbat, you should make tokens or charms to be hung on the tree in honor of the God and Goddess' sacred marriage. They can be anything like sachets of flowers, beads, crystals, garlands, or any thing else you can create.

Setup the worship area and altar. Light the candles and incense. Cast the circle and invoke the Goddess and God.

With the wand raised, say something like the following:

My Lady of the Night,
My Lord of the Harvest,
I bring you this gift,
In celebration of your blessed union.

Place your gift or gifts on the tree, then say:

As your sacred union,
creates life upon the Earth,
I celebrate with you in Love,
Blessed be my Lord and Lady.

You may now practice divination or magick. Enjoy the Simple Feast and release the circle.

Your celebration is complete.

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