Various Ostara Rituals

Arianna's Ostara Rite

Place flowers on the altar and around the worship area. Fill the cauldron with spring water. Place a small potted plant on the altar.

Prepare the altar and worship area, then light the candles and incense. Cast the circle and Invoke the Deities and Spirits of the Elements.

Stand before the altar looking at the plant and say something similar to:

My Lady, as you arise from winters slumber,
You now begin the renewing of Life on the Earth,
As my Lord joyfully awaits the coming of summer,
I celebrate thee, my Lord and Lady.

Touch the plant with your receptive hand (the hand you don't write with) and allow it's energies to connect with you. Commune with the plant and allow yourself to look into the force of life within the plant.

When you are ready and still touching the plant say:

Through this plant let me find,
A love for all living things,
Let me walk in peace with all nature,
Teach me respect for Your creation,
By your power and wisdom.

Let yourself feel the energies of the Earth as it awakens to spring. Meditate on the Earth and seasons.

Now you can perform magick or divination. Celebrate the Simple Feast and release the circle.

You're ritual is complete.

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