Coven Imbolc Ritual For 2001

You Need:

5 orange candles
Cinnamon Oil
The Red Altar Candle

The Ritual:

Decorate your altar anyway you wish with maybe white flowers, crystals, or whatever you feel appropriate. Set the 5 orange candles up in the center in the shape of a pentagram and put the red candle in the center.

Cast your circle as you normally would. Call upon the elemental spirits to join us.

Invoke the Goddess by saying:

Lady of love and light,
Mother of the Sun,
Share with us this night,
Your divine presence.

Invoke the God by saying:

Lord of strength and fire,
Reborn son of the Goddess,
Share with us this night,
Your divine presence.


We join together in this circle of power as sisters together, strong and true, to dedicate new beginnings for each and all of us together.

Anoint each orange candle starting at the top and going clockwise with the cinnamon oil. Now each of us will say our personal dedications beginning at the top point of the pentagram. Just light the candle and read what each person has written for this until it comes to you and then light your own candle and say your personal words.

The dedications and positions are as follows:

Top Point of Pentagram (Spirit= Power)---Arianna---

In spirit and power,
I dedicate to my sisters,
Energy of strength and courage,
To aid Rhiannon and Eset in their quest,
For freedom from that which binds them,
I dedicate to all my sisters,
To stand by you,
In Perfect Love and In Perfect Trust.
So Mote It Be!

Upper Right Point of Pentagram (Air= Love)---Rhiannon---

Sisters we stand , in our circle joined
to begin a new path and celebrate life.
I dedicate myself to the Lady and Lord.
May I find again their light,
to give me courage to fight the temptations that linger...
banished they be!
with the ebb and flow,
love in my heart we shall go,
through the door of New Beginnings to celebrate life.
Sisters side by side together we stand strong,
our hearts be tied.
So Mote it Be!  

Lower Right Point of Pentagram (Fire= Knowledge)---Future Sister---

May our future sister join us soon with her quest for knowledge and passion of fire.

Lower Left Point of Pentagram (Water= Wisdom)---Hecate She-Ra Bast---

In Wisdom and The Flow of life
I dedicate to my sisters,
That all of us who need unbinding are unbound,
Like Water flowing, finding its easiest path
That this be a New Beginning
That Wisdom be at beck and call
standing by each one and all
Sister we are and Sisters through
time and space we will ever be
In Perfect Love and In Perfect Trust
So Mote It Be!

Upper Left Point of Pentagram (Earth= Truth)---Eset---

I walk with the God and Goddess at my side,
To dedicate and celebrate a new beginning.
A time to bring about a welcome change.
A journey that is about to begin.
As I walk, my sisters are close at hand…
To support me, to cry with me, to lend their courage.
To know the God and Goddess are near,
and my sisters hearts are joined…..I succeed!
So mote it be!  

Now we all light the red candle in the middle of the pentagram and say:

Charge our dedications with the fires of rebirth,
Our Path together begins again brand new,
May we forge a bright future,
With our renewed passion and strength for the journey.

Take a moment to feel the magick and love between all of us. Let yourself know the peace that you will overcome all obstacles in your path by the power of yourself and this circles great connection. We are One power of love this moment.....The Noctura Circle of Power..... We can do anything!

Perform the Simple Feast (Cakes and Ale). Thank the elemental spirits. Thank the God and Goddess in your own personal way and release your circle.

The journey awaits us......may it lead us to new spiritual insights and personal triumphs.

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