Noctura Circle of Power Rituals

Various Esbat Rituals

Dianne's Full Moon Coven Rite

Relax and find a place where you can view the moon. Visualize and circle of white energy surrounding you. Breathe deep and feel the presence of your sisters.

Say the following:

As the moon shines through us …around us
We ask our Goddess, Our Lady of the Moon
To walk with us, share with us and know us.
We are one with the Goddess and each other.
Oh Goddess Isis, breathe into us the Air
of the North Wind that strengthens our ability
to communicate our thoughts, desires, secrets
as only sisters of this night will share.
Rising from the Earth, we ask the Goddess Gaia
To connect our bodies so that we become one
With each other, to share in each other's joy and
Happiness . . to heal each other in time of pain and sorrow.

Let the Goddess of Fire, Lucinda, provide us the Energy, the power and passion to follow the path We have chosen. Connect and empower us to Work together for the family we love.

From the Water arises emotion, compassion, friendship, Love , caring, and most important forgiveness.
We ask the Goddess Aphrodite to aid us in these gifts,
For friendship and forgiveness will guide us.
From the Spirit of all Goddesses,
We thank thee for thy wondrous gift that brought us together.
Dance with us, walk with us, sing with us.
We are one with the Goddess.
The Goddess is one with us.

When you finish, thank the Goddesses for their presence.

Let the circle of energy flow from you and into the earth.

Arianna's Full Moon Rite

It is best to try to perform this ritual at night where you can see the Full Moon. You may want to have lunar symbols or quartz crystal present on and around your altar. You should have your cauldron or a white bowl with fresh water as well.

Arrange your altar and worship space, light the candles and incense, and then cast your circle. Say your invocations to the Goddess and the God and any other chants or prayers you might wish to say.

Look up at the Full Moon and let its energies flow through you and allow the Goddess to fill you with Her love and power. Then say something similar to the following:

Great Goddess of the Moon,
Lady of mysteries and wonders,
Sharing your sacred light,
O Loving Lady of the night,
Our Mother of wisdom,
I celebrate thy Lunar jewel,
As it grows to its peak of power,
With this ritual of honor,
O Lady of the Moon,
O Lady of the Moon,
O Lady of the Moon.

Visualize the Goddess as you see her and continue saying "O Lady of the Moon" for as long as you feel need.

Then perform works of divination or magick or both as you feel is necessary. The Full Moon is a powerful time for both. Then perform the Simple Feast (crescent cakes and white wine are traditional but use what you feel is appropriate). Give Thanks to the Spirits of the Elements, The Goddess, and The God. Then release your circle.

Your ritual is completed.

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