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Merry Meet

      My name is Patricia but I like to go by my Magickal name Hecate She-Ra Bast.  You can shorten it to Hecate if you like.  I am 56 soon to be 57.  My birthday day is 2/25/1944.  I am really an Eclectic Witch but I lean a little toward Celtic and Egyptain.  I have a few talents which are reading the Tarot cards for 33 years.  At present I like the OSHO ZEN Tarot, but I change every now and than.  I have a collection of about 50 decks.  I also see Auras sense I was 2 or 3 years old.  I work with what I call light or lazer Magick.         My interests are Learning new ways to work with lazer Magick. I do paintings, drawing and make Goddess statues.

       Here is a little more about me.   I have been bedridden for about 5 years.  I have Lymphoma, Cellulitis, Diabetes, and Arthritis.  I spend most of my time on art projects and reading tarot cards.  I do a lot of counseling too.  Thank the Goddess for the telephone and the computer.

        I live with my Mate of 35 years.  We have 5 cats which are really are kids. There is Fayette she is a Main Coon Cat and 15 years old. Ching Ching he from Tibet, he is 12 years old.  Than there is Andy he is everything.  He is 9 years old.  Dee is a white cat with black ears and black tail and she is a year and a half old.  Last but far from least is Oosul.  He is Dee's son.  He too is white but he only has one black ear and a black tail.  he is 10 months old. My Magick cat died last year her name was She-Ra and my Magick name is Hecate She-Ra Bast, this is in honor of those I love.  

      I love to read and have about 5000 books which I have read most of.  When I could walk and do things I was an herbalist, but have forgotten a lot do to a stroke.  It seems when you have a stroke you don't always get every thing back.  Some times I can't remember the words I need to speak or write. like saying Ching Ching is Tibet because I can't remember the breed at this moment.  

There  have been some Covens and groups that didn't want me because I couldn't work in the circle, but I have a Magical place on the inner where I work my Magick from.  

       My Grandfather was a Pagan man and taught me about the God and Goddess.  All of my life has been dedicated to spiritual studies in one way or another.  I frist started on a wiccan path when I was 25 but my Mate didn't understan and wanted to join Eckankar.  So we did that for about 17 years.  Than I didn't want anything for about 5 years.  I had a very spiritual experience and it brought me back.  Than my Mate wanted a formal religion so we joined  Religious Science and  finely home to Wicca.  I feel like I have gone full circle now.  And though I spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week in bed I am very happy and joyful.  I have peace, love and light in my life.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
Hecate She-Ra Bast

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