Multiuse Magickal Spells

Cord Magick

This spell is cord magic you can do it in a group or solitary. The cords are a focus for concentration, reinforced by the physical action using them. Their color can be chosen for the purpose in mind. The best cord to use is upholstery cord, but you can use yarn or ribbon. Whichever you choose, be sure to use the proper color for the purpose in mind. All you do is state your wish or desire out loud, begin tying the knots in the cord and repeat the verse,

by knot of one,the spell's begun
by knot of two,it cometh true,
by knot of three,so mote it be,
by knot of four,the open door,
by knot of five,the spell's alive,
by knot of six,the spell is fixed,
by knot of seven,the stars in heaven,
by knot of eight,the stroke of fate,
by knot of nine,thing is mine,

Now hang the cord somewhere you will see it and once a day for 9 days concentrate on your wish and repeat the verse. At the end of the 9th day untie knot and say "i bid i bind the spell is mine" and you shall have your wish.

By: Moonstorm

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