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Spell to Call on a Dragon Spirit

merry meet my sisters,

i know this is going to sound silly and foolish to you,but this was may very first spell,i haven't actually seen my little dragon friend,but i feel his presence,mostly at night when i am meditating. i know this is not the kind of spell that should be here,but its mine,and the only one i have right now. i mostly follow the rituals of arianna. they are the ones i feel most comfortable with. well here goes- DRAGONS-the most important thing to remember when you call a dragon is that they are very honest,and will not have anything to do with the human , if a human calls a dragon,they have to face themselves and discover all the hidden truths about themselves and face it,for dragons do not like dishonesty, if they know you have done this and are looking at reality,and are satisfied with yourselves,then they will make a decision on whether or not to join you as life long friends. they feel that if you are going to dishonest with yourself,then you can not possibly be honest with them-

now for the spell-this does not have to be done in a circle if you dont want to,unless we feel more comfortable within your circle(which i did) gather 5 small pieces of ribbon,each adifferent color of the rainbow,they dont have to be more than 6"in length,1 translucent stone,of any color. use the 5 pieces of ribbon to weave a pentagram,point up weave it as a summoning pentagram,then place the stone over your third eye and chant"MYRIAD OF COLORS,SHINING BRIGHT,BRINGING HAPPINESS AND DELIGHT. TINY DRAGONS FRIENDS TO BE,COME NOW I ASK AND JOIN WITH ME.FRIENDSHIPS FOUND AND LOVE ABOUNDS." that's it, you should have a wonderful little friend from now on. i call my friend georgie. i hope this is not to silly for our book of shadows, i, at the time ,needed a friend and some one to talk to ,so i did this spell.and georgie was here.

By: Moonstorm

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