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Tarot Reading by Hecate She Ra Bast on October 31, 2000

Merry Meet My Witchy Sisters

      This has been quite a day.  Since I have to do my rituals on an inner plane I decided to take Lia's advice though she was just kidding.  I got on my broom and flew to Moon Mountain.  That was fun and seemed very real.  I first visualized my broom pulling its self together by saying broom broom of mine from acrossed time   I becheech ye to gather your self from the dust of the ages and fly me to our meeting places.

Well, OK it doesn't rhyme but in my meditated state it did appear to pull it self up out of the dirt and parts of the straw came from all directions.   Than a Silver cord about 9 feet long bound the straw to the handle and it became a broom of golden straw around one end of a round dark brown stick with the silver cord binding it.  I have visualized many things but I all ways seem to know just how this will go, but this time I just watched while it happened.  I know that the color of the handle and the silver cord mean something but right now I don't have the time to check it out.  By the way the rest of you came flying in on your broom sticks too.  I hope some of you felt or were aware of something special going on.

       Usually I see us doing things together but this time we all went to special places in side the same circle.  I hope I have your names right on this.  It seemed like Diana went to the West, Arianna to the North Lia you seem to go to the East altar and I went to the South.  I don't know why it was that way it just was.  Than we all did our own thing with the apple, black candle, bowl of salt, knife, and bowl of dirt.  With in the circle we all ready were but we each cast a circle around us with in that.

       As I sprinkled the salt through the flame the flame turned blue like the color of the blue star.  I thought that was rather interesting since I have never sprinkled salt through a flame before I thought maybe you could tell me does it turn the flame blue for a moment or is that just part of the visualization?  

       Red leaves did fall and I had forgotten that was part of it until I saw the leaves fall.  Reminded me of a Michigan fall day many many years ago.  Around me I heard all of us speaking what you wrote and as if we had planned it, we all cut our apples and turned at the same time and spoke the part about look at the sacred symbol, the Pentacle.  It came to me that this sacred symbol was the blue star that the race from old left us when they left this plane.  It is a gift.  I am going to have to research this out but I was spell bond unable to move while the rest of you went on.    

       I finally was freed and planted my seeds.  Next we gathered around an old tree stump I use for a table on the Mountain side and we sat on the ground drinking hot apple cider.  

I brought my tarot cards.  The deck I use is The Osho Zen Tarot Deck.  The question I asked was what Should our goal be for this new year?

Card 1.  This is the card that represents all of us.  This was the OUTSIDER.   In the regular deck would be the same as 5 of pentacle, At first I thought this was a strange card but than I got it.  The card is a picture of a little girl looking in a gate that appears to be locked but what she doesn't notice is the lock is open and all she has to do is take the lock off and unwrap the chain.  Much like we all have something within us that we need to free so we can become wild women or wild witches.  So we came to rely on the coven as a save place.  Maybe when our Sister left it put a little separation in us and we must undo that chain and let it go.

Card 2. The past.  This card is LAZINESS. In the regular tarot is the 9 of cups.  The picture on this card is a chunky person kicking back with a drink in hand laying on a bunch of pillows enjoying life.  I think this means we are going to be put to work, more than likely on our selves.  We may have been just enjoying having a coven but not doing much with it.  You all tell me what you think of this past card?

Card 3.  The present, what is happening right now.  This card is THE WE ARE THE WORLD CARD.  This card shows holding hands with the world in the center and we are all in space.  This is the 10 of pentacles.  It means that together we can do or change any or everything.  We can make a difference in the world.  We just need to pull together on it.  Creating wisdom in our new leaders seems like a good thought since the elections is here.  I have know that Bush is going to be the one since I knew he was running.  We are going to need help no matter who it is.  It is that type thing we could do   together for the betterment of man kind.  We our the world.  We have a good tool to change our selves and those around us.

Card 4.  The future.  This card is PATIENCE.  This card shows a pregnant woman with all the moon phase arching over the top of her like a rainbow.   This is the 7 of pentacles.  This card means we must show patience in the future and make sure our actions are right.  That we follow our teachings and harm none.  We are the world but we must be the wise women that witch are known to be.

       Now the next 5 cards are in answer to the question what Should our goal be for this new year?

Answer card 1.  MORALITY we should try to walk our talk.  We should have a goal of being everything we know in our hearts we should be.  The word Morality is what meaning works for you.  Some would say to have a husband and a soul mate doesn't seem moral.  I don't see it that way and I know you all know what I am talking about.  I am gay some say that is wrong again not for me.  I believe moral means to harm none, help were you can and be as positive and out going as you can be for others.  But each have there own thoughts on this and I for one would like to have a chat on this subject.  This card is the Queen of Swords.

Answer card 2 is TOTALITY.  This means if we haven't already we should give ourselves totally to what we believe in.  We have a belief Wicca and we should truly practice it.  This card is the 5 of wands.

Answer card 3 is GUILT.  This means to learn this year how to forgive our selves and others.  How to let go and let Goddess take care of that stuff called guilt.  Guilt is fear of one kind or another and you can't be free and happy if your feeling guilty about something now can you? This card was the 8 of swords

Answer card 4 is CONDITIONING.  This is a major card and is also known as the divil #15.  The picture on this card is a lion in a lambs coat.  The story goes that this mother sheep had lost her baby but found this baby lion cub and brought it up like a sheep.  The other sheep laughed at him and called him names.  The lion wanted to fit in more than life.  The lion kept getting bigger and bigger tell the other sheep stop calling names and stayed out of his way.  One day there was a wolf on the prowl and everyone was sacred.  The lion saw the wolf and for the first time roared like the big lion he was.   Well, the wolf dropped his teeth so to speak and run away.  N ow all the sheep were proud to call the lion friend.  The lion had been conditioned to thinking something was wrong with him because he was different but than he learned his difference saved the rest and he learned to! walk his talk.  I think we are going to learn better how to walk our talk this year.  By the way is this witch year 1.  LOL

Answer card 5 is UNDERSTANDING.  This is the year to learn more about ourselves and others so we can understand and have uncondicnal love for all.   Understanding the Key to God/Goddesshood if you will.  This card is page of cups.

      The last and finally card.  I hope you all made it this far. Overall card is the NO-THINGNESS.  This a major card #5 the Hieropant/Pope card.  This card see the God and Goddess as not a person like our selves but something quite more.  It comes from the point that they created us.  Were the things.  They were here before earth, time, or space and they will be here after these things are gone.  The feeling I get is above all they don't want us to forget we are a thing a being now but when we reach God or Goddess state we will be beyond that.  And all the things for us to work on will help us reach this state.  It makes me wonder what are thing/being creations will be like when we are them and they look on like loving parents.

      I forgot to tell you there were other people with us to night.  My grandfather was there and I saw a Woman around Arianna who looked like she was a relative.  There was a man and woman around Lia and Diana there was a man around you.  These were people who have passed on and they appeared really glad to be there.  The woman with Lia was playful and kept trying to blow out the candle.  If any of this makes sence please tell me.  I always get curious if I am nuts or is it really.  Good night my lovely sisters.       

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
Hecate She-Ra Bast

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