Noctura Coven Banishing Spells Page 2

Coven Bad Habits Banishing Ritual 2001

Time: Waning Moon

You Need:

5 candles to represent each coven member
1 black candle
For smokers- Aventurine, botswana agate, or topaz stone
For bad eating- A bag of any of the following herbs combined with any of the following stones...... Herbs- Almond, caraway, dill, fennel, lavender, or rose...... Stones- Aventurine, garnet, mica, or ruby


Cast your circle, call upon elemental spirits, and prepare yourself.

Have the 5 candles set up in the form of a pentagram with each one in it's appropriate place. Put the black candle in the middle. Have the item for your bad habit laid out beside your candle.

Invocation to the Goddess:

Invocation to the God:

Beginning with the top position and going around counter clockwise light each candle and give a moment for each person to read there charge for the spell and take their item to charge it.

Top Point of Pentagram (Spirit= power)---Arianna---

Bad Habit of Overeating (bag of herbs and stones)

With the love and support of my sisters,
And these magickal herbs and stones,
I take control of this thing that binds me,
May I follow a path that leads to good health,
A path that brings me strength and energy,
From this moment I banish this bad habit from my life.
So Mote It Be!

Charge bag of herbs and stones to keep with you as you face this difficulty.

Top Left Point of Pentagram (Earth= truth)---Eset---

Bad Habit of Smoking (stone)

Charge stone to keep with you as you face this difficulty.

Bottom Left Point of Pentagram (Water= wisdom)---Hecate She Ra Bast---

Bad Habit of Overeating

By the Grace and Love of The Goddess,
My Sisters, the Magickal Crone stones,
a plum garnet ring and herbs
I unbind the thing that binds me and
bind it and set it aside from me.  
The ring I wear to remind me it is bound
and set aside from me and I am free.
So Mote It Be!

Charge bag of herbs and stones to keep with you as you face this difficulty.

Bottom Right Point of Pentagram (Fire= knowledge)---future initiate---

In spirit the person who belongs here will support us with her strength and courage of fire.

Top Right Point of Pentagram (Air= love)---Rhiannon---

Bad habit of smoking

Charge stone to keep with you through this difficulty.

Now as we all light the black candle in the middle say:

With this flame we light together,
Our power combined as One,
These bane things be banished from us forevermore.
So Mote It Be!

Stop for a moment and feel the connection and power between us all. Know in your heart that we will all be here to support and help one another to overcome each of our bad habits. We will succeed. See it....hear it....know it.

You can now do cakes and ale, earth energy, thank the elemental spirits, thank the Deities, and close the circle.

Have faith in yourself and each other.


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