Noctura Coven Banishing Spells

Nerissa's Negativity Banishing Ritual

Time: Wanning Moon

(we will pick an actual time and attempt to synchronize) Tools:

~pot or cauldron
~black candle (& holder)
~white candle (& holder)
~matches or lighter
~small piece paper (not to big to set off smoke alarms)
~pen (black in preferable but not necessary)
~have cakes and ale (cookie and juice) with you.

Suggested Goddess to call upon: Artemis (Greek) Courageous Goddess of the Virgin Dark Moon. Also known as Dianna (Roman). Or choose a similar Goddess from another pantheon.

~Step 1~ Ground and center. (Your choice of how to do this) (please allow enough time to do this so that we may begin together on the hour).

~Step 2~ Cast Circle (synchronizing timing) ~ turning deosil 3 times projecting cirlce from hand or tool of choice...

SAY: "I conjure thee, O great cicle of power. So that you will be a boundry between the world of the mundane and the realms of the mighty spirits. Please grant a connection between this circle and the circles of my sisters (say sisters names) of the Noctura Circle of Power, that we may all share this experience through your blessed powers together. A place and a connection of perfect love and perfect trust".

~Step 3~ Call the Quarters (turn and face each direction using hand jestures of your choice and...)

SAY: "We each call upon the guardians of the East, the South, the West and the North to aid us in construction of our circles, and to join us in perfect love and perfect trust. In the name of the Goddess *Artemis (or your choice) and of the God. Thus do we conjure thee. Our 3 great circles of power... My circle is sealed! So mote it be!"

~Step 4~ Greet your sisters by name taking time to feel each others presence) (will allow a minute to do this)

~Step 5~ Begin Negativity Banishing spell (again synchronizing timing) ~place balck candle and candle stand in cauldron or cooking pot and light (note that these tools should be purified before hand with salt. You will also have to cleanse and re-concecrate these tools after negitivity spell). On a small piece of paper list all the negativity you wish to banish from your home, friends and/or family. Go within and search with your heart for this list.

(synchronizing timing) ~Hold paper over flame and cirlce 3 time windershins allowing paper to catch fire on the 3rd circle and drop into cauldron to burn. ~at the same time

"Element of fire,
This request of thee I ask,
No evil will be bound to me,
No ill will shall touch my sisters (name sister) or I,
Banish all negativity,
As my will! (pause for a couple seconds)
May this spell not reverse or place upon us any curse.
So mote it be!"

~Step 6~ Once paper is burned snuff out candle (do not blow out). (Later on discard candle in outside in garbage... I don't like to bury any negativity in yard. Flush or disgard ashes in garbage too... make sure it is not in house. Cleanse and purify any tools used for negativity, including the pen you wrote with.)

~Step 7~ ~Light white candle. Looking at candle... Think about our Noctura circle of power and of each other and what we mean to each other. You may feel a need to re-center. We will take aprox 2 minutes to pull in some positive sisterhood energy :)

~Step 8~
Synchronizing time) SAY:
"Elements of this sacred space,
Blessed energies great and small,
Strengthen and protect this place,
Peace, happiness and blessings for us all.
So mote it be!"

(We will allow candle to continue burning for at least two hours. Save stub or wax for at least one week as a reminder of the power of 3 and of each other pulling our power together in this coven).

~step 9~ Cakes and ale. *Smile*

~step 10~ Thank the Goddess and the God (errr, Lord and Lady) and dismiss them and the 4 quarters with as much respect and involvement as it took to call them in.

"Thankyou and farwell Guardians of the North, West, South and East. Our Lord and our Lady (turning windershins once). Blessings upon you for a bright and safe journey now. Farwell to my sisters... (turning windershins 2nd time) Merry meet, Merry part, Merry meet again. Blessings to you both!" (Turn once more ) "This circle is open!"

~step 11~ Ground and release energy from within.


Go feast!!

Love and Blessings Nerissa


A Spell to Banish an Enemy from your Life

Black Candle
Paper with name of person

Light the candle and take the paper. Burn the paper while chanting:

With this name,
I dearly desire,
To have them gone.
With this fire,
Let them flee,
Without excuse,
And Let this be difused.
Goddess of love and light,
Let this person be taken,
To another place,
Away from me.
Let it be written,
So Mote It Be!

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