Noctura Coven Money Spells

Arianna's Fire Money Spell

Items Needed:
Green Candle, patchouly oil or clove herb, and a green piece of paper with the following written on it- Give the person the Money that is needed! and a dollar sign symbol drawn on it also.

Annoint the candle and trace the symbol with the oil. (If you are using the herb, set candle on the paper and sprinkle it all the way around). Set the candle on top of the paper and charge the candle and paper by pulling energy from the Earth through your body and into them. Then light the candle and say the words on the paper 3 times. Visualize the need being fullfilled. Let the candle burn for 2 hrs. and then bury the items when you have finished. It is done.

Arianna's Prosperity Stone Spell

You need:
A bloodstone and a green piece of paper. On the paper, write your need out exactly. You get exactly what you ask for. Somewhere on the paper draw a dollar sign for symbolism.

Lay the stone on the paper and charge both with energy. To do this, be relaxed and let the energy of the Earth be drawn up through you into your hands and into the stone and paper. While you're doing this, visualize your need being fullfilled. Hold the stone in your projective hand (the one you write with) and the paper in your receptive hand (the one you don't write with). Read the words you have written aloud, knowing that your need will be supplied. When you are finished, take the stone and wrap it in the paper. Then bury both of them in the Earth. You are now finished.

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