Noctura Coven Protection Spells

Arianna's Fire Protection Spell

Items Needed:
White Candle, sage or basil, and a white piece of paper with the following written on it- Give the person protection from those that would harm him/her! and a pentagram with a circle around it drawn on it as well.

Take the paper and set the candle on top of it. Sprinkle the herb all the way around the candle. Touching the candle and the paper, charge them by pulling energy from the Earth up through your body and into the candle and the paper. Then light the candle and say the words on the paper 3 times, visualizing a field of protection going around the person. Let the candle burn for 2hrs. When you extinguish it, bury the paper, herbs, and candle in the Earth. That's it, it is done.

Land and Home Protection Spell

First walk or visualize your land. Next find a quite place were you will have no interruptions. Now do what ever makes you feel well and safe, like candles, incense, and music. Now lets say your land with home is square. Start at a conner and picture a web coming from your hand, it can be any color you like. I use pink because it is the color of love for me, throw the web up over the top of your house, your land. Next do it from the other corner to conner. Now if you were looking down you would see an


across your home and land. Now do it from the middle. Than from one end to the other. When you look down on it now you see an X with a + on top of it all done with webbing from your finger. OK you start at the corner you first started at and you weave in and out the ones you have going up and over. You should have 8 ribs as you look from the top. Build your weave slowly and tightly. Take it all the way to the top of your home over your land and at the very top bind the webbing together. Don't forget to weave in star dust and fairy dust as this reflects negative things away. Now where ever you come on the land, driveways, walk ways, roads, ect, cut lines going down so cars, people, and trucks can pass. You wouldn't want get stalled trying to come in or go out. This happen to me when I was still able to drive I had just learned this from my friend and I forgot to make a way through. The car would start. I'm sitting there thinking great now what and it hit me I didn't leave an opening so when I made the slits down kind of like beads hang down the door. Than the car stared right up my friend had a good laugh over that. While you are doing this you need to think no one bring my family or me will be able to come through. Just keep doing this until you're done.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

Moon Magick

High Winds Protection Spell

Here is a high protective wind spell that I know works. When we moved to Las Vegas in 78 we were not use to high desert winds. They blew so hard the roof shook, window, doors until you thought > someone was trying to break in. I took, this was when I could walk, and put rock salt around our house saying as I walked Goddess from on high tell the wind > to pass us by. While I said this I also kept in mind the winds I met were > the strong wild ones not all winds. The next door neighbor caught me doing > this at Midnight on a full moon and asked me to come over and do it for her when I got done so I did. 2 nights later the winds started blowing. I can > hear them blowing only the house is not moving. Not the roof, doors or windows. So I go out on the porch and my neighbor is sitting in her rocking chair watching the wind come up to like a shield and stop. No wind blew on > her house either. Please write that anyway you like. It was like watching a miracle and I now bad winds maybe blowing soon. This might help someone save there home and life.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

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