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Merry Meet,

These are some of the clubs that I personally enjoy. I think that you will find that they have much to offer along with my beginning wicca clubs. You will find Wiccan Book Clubs, Wiccan Clubs that discuss spirits, and other great wiccan clubs to share with other wiccans.

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Bacoona Discussions

The companion club for the baccoona site where you can discuss anything concerning spirituality and our magickal path. (just click on discussion board on the site)

Niki's Club of Wicca

A New Wiccan club to learn more about the spirit world and share experiences.

"The Third Eye"
"A gathering place for those who would like to explore and discuss the many different aspects of channeling (and other spiritual concepts) including but not limited to: dream analysis, meditation, relaxation, personal growth techniques... This forum will allow open discussion of many methods. The opinions of each participant will be welcomed as long as placed in a format that will not harm another."

The Third Eye

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