Arianna's Beginning Wicca Classroom Schedule

This page will give you the current classroom schedule of events and assignments.

Our New Class Club To Post Assignments and Ask Questions

This place has wonderful potential and has grown far beyond what I would have imagined. I am very grateful for all who come here and to the Lord and Lady for Their blessings here. We now have a new class club for everyone to post assignments and ask questions. This will make this an even more interactive experience and give me much more time to put into answering questions and creating lessons. I would like everyone in the class to join the class club. It will allow me to tell everyone about class events and it will help you learn to read what others are discovering. You will find the links at the bottom of the page with the classroom links. Thank you all.

Brightest Blessing,


Schedule of Assignments

Here are the current availiable assignments. Please feel free to start with #1 and work your way through. There is no set time for completing assignments since this is a work at your own pace type of class.

Please turn in lesson # 6 before you move on to any lesson after it. I want to make sure that everyone understands it first before working on anything involving magick and ritual design. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our New Community Shopping Area

If you need to buy Books, Tools, Herbs, or other items for your practice, we now have a shopping area on the Wiccan Gateway Community Site to help.

Lesson # 1: Choosing A Magickal Name
Lesson # 2: The Eight Wiccan Sabbats
Lesson # 3: The History of Wicca and Witchcraft
Lesson # 4: Who are the Deities and how do we commune with them?
Lesson # 5: The Book of Shadows
Classroom Quiz # 1
Lesson # 6: The Wiccan Rede (Required)
Lesson # 7: Energy Manipulation
Lesson # 8: The Wiccan Altar
Lesson # 9: The Art of Meditation
Lesson # 10: Consecration of the Ritual Tools
Lesson # 11: The Art of Ritual Design
Lesson # 12: Circle Casting
Our Samhain Tribute Area
Lesson # 13: The Elements
Lesson # 14: Invocations and Chants
Lesson # 15: Visualization
Lesson # 16: Creating Spells
Lesson # 17: Magickal Correspondences
Lesson # 18: Beginning Divination
Classroom Quiz # 2
Lesson # 19: Learning the Divination of Tarot
Lesson # 20: Learning the Divination of Runes
Lesson # 21: Learning the Divination of Scrying
Lesson # 22: Learning the Divination of the Pendulum
Lesson # 23: Learning the Divination of Palmistry
Lesson # 24: Learning the Divination of Astrology
Lesson # 25: Learning the Divination of Numerology
Lesson # 26: Learning the Divination of Dreams
Lesson # 27: Herbs, Oils, Incense, Stones, & Candles
Lesson # 28: Spirit Guides

Classroom Events

This is where you will find the current classroom events.

New Assignment Activity- Lesson # 28: Spirit Guides
Your activity is to practice for 1 week trying to communicate with your personal spirit guide or guides and post your experience in the group.

Current Event:

Full Moon: October 27, 2004
New Moon: November 12, 2004
Full Moon: November 26, 2004
New Moon: December 11, 2004
Full Moon: December 26, 2004
New Moon: January 10, 2005
Full Moon: January 25, 2005
New Moon: February 8, 2005
Full Moon: February 23, 2005
New Moon: March 10, 2005
Full Moon: March 25, 2005
New Moon: April 8, 2005
Full Moon: April 24, 2005
New Moon: May 8, 2005
Full Moon: May 23, 2005
New Moon: June 6, 2005
Full Moon: June 21, 2005
New Moon: July 6, 2005
Full Moon: July 21, 2005
New Moon: August 4, 2005
Full Moon: August 19, 2005
New Moon: September 3, 2005
Full Moon: September 17, 2005
New Moon: October 3, 2005
Full Moon: October 17, 2005
New Moon: November 1, 2005
Full Moon: November 15, 2005
New Moon: December 1, 2005
Full Moon: December 15, 2005
New Moon: December 30, 2005

Wiccan Sabbats: October 31 Northern Hemisphere- Samhain Southern Hemisphere- Beltaine

December 21 Northern Hemisphere- Yule Southern Hemisphere- Litha


Chats for the Class and all of our Wiccan Groups in the Gateway of Wiccan Knowledge Community will be held at our website in a Bravenet Chatroom I've created for us. Go to Our Gateway Events Page and click on the chat button.

Chats are held for all groups on:

Fridays at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST

Please take advantage of all the classroom has to offer. Here are the links to the other classroom pages.

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