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These are the classroom's links to various websites that may be useful in completing assignments. Please feel free to add some of your own that you would like to see here. Just fill out the Submission Form below, and I will have them on here as soon as possible. Happy Surfing!!!!

Here are the Classroom Links!

Arianna's Links

Link: Arianna's Gateway of Wiccan Knowledge
Description: This is our new Wiccan Community site where you will find all of our groups, sites, Clubs' Homepage, Divination, Shopping Area with tools and books, and a newly remodeled Wiccan Personals section. I hope you will make use of all that our community site has to offer.

Link: Arianna's Beginning Wicca Site
Description: My personal information site for beginning wiccans.

Link: Our Class Club for this Class

Link: Arianna's Beginning Wicca Club
Our group to share with other beginning wiccans.

Link: Wicca Beyond Beginnings Club
Our group for those ready to move beyond the basics.

Link: Seekers Of Divine Wisdom
Our group for deeper spirituality.

Link: Circle of Inner Healing
Our group for finding emotional healing through our wiccan path.

General Wiccan Links:

Link: The Witches Web
Description: Good one for all kinds of Wicca stuff.

Link: Pagan Path
Description: Another Good general Wiccan link.

Link: The Wiccan Way
Description: Has lots of information on Sabbats, general wicca, and rituals.

Link: The Witches Voice
Description: Wiccan News, Information, and Networking with other Pagans.

Link: Witch Crafted
Description: Creative Wiccan Information site.

Link: Spirit Online
Description: A great wiccan site for beginners with great forums.

Link: Witch Way
Description: Another great general wiccan site.


Link: Find Your Fate
Description: Includes astrology, numerology, palmistry, etc.


Link: Tara's Herbal Garden
Description: Gives a description, medicinal, ad magickal purposes of various herbs.

How Do You Tell People About Being Wiccan?

Link: Out of The Broom Closet
Description: This one talks very seriously about how to tell other people you are Wiccan and whether you are truly prepared to do so.

Link: Witches Voice Out of the Broom Closet
Description: More information about becoming public about your wiccan beliefs.

Mythology and Deities:

Link: Phoenix Myth
Description: Gives a good description of the Phoenix Bird Myth.

Link: Topical Index of Gods & Goddesses from Yahoo! Austrailia
Description: A pretty good index of several Gods and Goddesses

Link: Valley of the Ancients
Description: Good source for mythology and deities.

Link: Encyclopedia of Mythica
Description: Contains a large descriptive index of Deities.

Link: Siren's Greek Gods
Description: A site on Greek Gods

Link: Glossary of Egyptian Mythology
Description: Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Link: Myths From the South Pacific
Description: Myths and Deities from the South Pacific

Link: Somoan Creation Myths
Description: Somoan Myths.

Link: Celtic Mythology
Description: All about the Celtic Deities and Myths.

Link: The Book of Gods & Goddesses
Description: This one had over 1700 different Deities from around the world.

Link: The Book of Deities
Description: Another good book of Deities from a Pagan Source.

Name Meanings:

Link: Behind The Name
Description: Gives a pretty good dictionary of names and their meanings.

Link: Mysteries-Megasite Names
Description: This site contains a lot of various links to different kinds of name meanings sites. Definitely worth checking out for finding your magickal names.


Link: Do-it-yourself Numerology
Description: This looks like an easy guide to understanding Numerology.


Link: The Viking Oracle
Description: Gives 25 of the most common Runes.

Link: Awen Forken's Rune Site
Description: History and Meanings of Runes.

Sabbats and Esbats:

Link: Chantra's Wheel of the Year
Description: Good basic information on the 8 Sabbats of the Wiccan Year.

The Moon:

Link: Moon Phases
Description: Monthly Moon Phases.

Wiccan Law:

Link: The Entire Wiccan Rede
Description: The Rede guides us and gives us the basic principles of our wiccan path.

Link: Wiccan Basic Principles
Description: This one describes the Wiccan Principles very well.

Wiccan Symbols, Meanings, and History:

Link: Wicca Moon's Wiccan Images and Symbols
Description: A good place to view pictures of different symbols and tools.

Link: The History of the Pentagram
Description: This give a good history of the pentagram.

Wiccan Words and Meanings:

Link: Glossary of Wiccan Terms
Description: This is a good dictionary of Wiccan Words.

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