Assignment # 4: The Book of Shadows

My Book Of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is, as I see it, a place to keep your wiccan records. I don't have a book since I obtain most of my information online and just print what interest me. I do maintain my pages in order and have them separated in sections: 1)F.A.Q. and basic information about the Craft 2) the Rituals, and procedures to perform magick 3)Spells and Candle magick 4) Others things that attract me like astral travel and divination.

I keep my pages on a folder inside a clear bag with the complete Witches' Rede as a cover and put it away on a big shoe box with all my candles, herbs and incense. I don't see it as an offense to the God and the Goddess to have them there because I consider them to be very understanding and I know they don't mind as long as I treat them and evrything on it with respect :)


My Book of Shadows

When I first dedicated myself about a year ago, I had a *huge* pile of stuff I'd printed off the net, neatly stapled, in a pile on my bookshelf. Unfortunately, the pile spilled everywhere every time I knocked against the shelf (which is's a big shelf).

So I hunted around until I found this nice little notebook, and started writing everything into it with my favourite blue pen. I didn't decorate it, or cover it, or do anything really special with it, except treat it with an abnormal amount of respect.

Recently, I bought a computer (named Henry). Henry now houses a complete copy of my entire BOS, as well as the electronic equivalent of Arianna's Mirror Book, which contains my thoughts, ideas, fears, elations, and so on...stuff I used to just write in my diary. I still have my beloved notebook, and still write in it, as I love the solidity of paper and ink. If that makes sense.

Jasmina Moonash

Book of Shadows

Okay I kind of have a book of shadows. Its a blue binder that I am using to put all the information in from my wicca class here where I live. We just finished lesson 10 yesterday so there is a little in there. Plus I have the wiccan rede and the 13 laws and some ofther things of intresent. I don't have any devotions but I am looking for some if you can tell me of any good web sities that would be great. I haven't covered my book yet because I don't feel that this will be my book of shadows. I am going to wait till my classes are over go through everything I learned and keep what I think I want to keep in it. Then I will make it my very own but for on this the one I have I like there is nothing special about it but its mine. In my final book I will have the wiccan rede and the 13 laws as well as spells and some infromation about some gods and goddess. But I belive that everyones book of shadows are different because we all find things of different interest like herbs and oils etc...


My Grimoire

Well, after about four different attempts and many notebooks, I've come to fully support the three ring binder Book of Shadows.

Previously I could simply never write fast enough to keep up with all the collection of information I would download and gather. And the stuff I would try to write by hand would get sloppy and then I'd get very frustrated over the messy/incomplete state of my book, so I'd put it aside and ignore it for a while.

Now, I have my 3 ring binder --that I haven't gotten to cover yet -- but it has information neatly printed from the computer as well as handwritten sheets in it. And everytime I get frustrated with it, I can just take pages out and move them around. (I am a bit of a neat freak so this makes me very happy)

I have writings on what it means to be a witch and various creeds and redes and guidelines. I have a large collection of chants and invocations and circle castings and blessings and poetry.

I have the stories behind the different Sabbats and am working on collecting different rituals from them. I have a variety of spells.

I have a section on Gardening and Herbal Healing and Kitchen Witchery and folklore.

I've been collecting for my Grimoire for about a year now. And I have learned SO much in the process.


My Book of Shadows

My Book of Shadows is a large 3 ring binder covered in black felt.The lettering is embroidery style, something I found and really liked. It has dividers for my various sections. I use parchment paper and a special ink pen I found in a craft store. I have always enjoyed art work and making things, so this has now become my special book. I also keep a smaller binder with me when I travel to keep notes and experiences, later to be put in my Book of Shadows. I also have a computer version.


Assignment 4: the Book of Shadows

As I had already begun my book, this was one easy to complete. It's a simple, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 binder - no special cover or anything right now.

As I'm still learning, I didn't feel the time was right for a complete Book of Shadows. However as I practice medieval illumination, I plan to create my Book on parchment by hand with illuminations throughout. This is a project I will begin once the time is right and I've learned more and feel my writings are worthy of it. As I'm still writing, and re-writing my rituals and incantations, the binder serves it's purpose for now. I have a small sachel of herbs in the inner pocket however.


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