Arianna's Beginning Wicca Classroom Turned In Assignments # 3

Assignment # 3: Who are the Deities and How do you Worship Them?

Goddess and God

Well I don't know much of all the goddess and gods but with what I have read I see the goddess in the moon and the god in the sun. I know their is many more the repesent much more and I am still learning (thats why I am here). I would staying getting in touch with them has many ways too which include being out with nature and in ritual work and dedcations. Please excuse my spelling. You could also get up when the sun is rising and watch it grow and maybe say a little devotion to the sun and do the same with the rising moon. You could do this inside or out. Now I haven't done any rituals or anything but this is stuff I have read or learned. You can also come intouch with them when you do grouding and centering. wich I find builds you up in spirit and just makes you happy. Thats what I felt anywhy.


Who are we worshipping and How do we commune with Them

I believe there is a higher power that is IN everything around us and within us. Is a very powerful force that has two poles to balance its energy: God and the Goddess. The God is represented in the Sun and the Goddess can be seen through the Moon. They both coexist in perfect harmony. In Wicca we believe that we do not need to go to any particular structure to get in touch with them (church/ temple/ sinagoge) but just need to concentrate and look within us to be able to talk to them. For me, the best way to commune with them is to take a walk and admire nature during the day and at night contemplate the beauty of the moon from my balcony.

There are many other deities with different attributes but since Wicca does not impose any type of dogmatic rule towards the way you can practice it, I have chosen not to worship them but maintain an open and very respectful approach to them as I acknowledge their existence and power.


Whom I pray to.

I have avoided doing this assignment for some time. Mainly because I felt it was something I needed to go and study further first... but now I have decided that the only way it is going to get done is if I actually just sit and speak what I feel. ~ I have always felt a connection to the earth, nature and the Universe as a whole. While everyone else around me (Christians) speak of "God" and turning their will over to "Him", I just cringed at the whole concept. I thought I was unique in my views being a part of and equal to the power/energies/spirit of the world and Universe as we know it. I was often condemned for considering that my will was a good thing. When I went to AA I was told that I was egotistical to think I could run my life on my own will and that I was ungrateful to "God". Well pllllb <==that was a raspberry) on those people. I am grateful to the great mother earth and all of creation for my life and the intelligence to see that I am a great part of it. I pray to the earth and call her by the name of Gaia. When I ground myself with her and feel the life she gives me I am one with her and always feel comfort. I look around me and see all the beauty in this world and I am one with all the energies (all life). I look to the sun and feel the life that radiates from him whom I call my Lord Apollo and am grateful for his part in my sustained life and creation. I look to the moon whom I have just come to call Selene, Artemis and Hectate (representing the Full, waxing & waning moon). And again I am grateful for the gravitational pull she has on our planet and to keep us in balance. Not only gravatationally but the balance of the tripple moon seen in all her phases and the reality of our lives being a maturing and growing experience. I also spend a great deal of time at the ocean and picture Aphrodite raising from the sea from foam. ( We speak often :) Sometimes I also call upon Oya whom does not actually fit into this pantheon... she is a dark goddess but also brings pleasure in the bedroom. (I have been known to speak Oya's name as Oh-Ya, during sex!) Ok... that was sort of a joke but true too, she does come to my mind at that time But I also always keep in mind that these figures are myth and that the divine are immanent (within my mind and not physically real). The names and qualities passed down throughout the years are a great means for connecting and make visualization easy for me, especially since I have always been a great day dreamer. Well... these are the deities I connect to. I can safely say I am pretty much always connected to one or another and always learning about new ones. In just about everything I do I feel their presence. It is very seldom that I "forget" and get caught up in the mundane. This does not mean that I always act in a highly "spiritual" way (as some would imagine spiritual being really thoughtful and nice) ... I act as the Goddess would in all her moods. :)

Ivy~ aka Imaginary

God and Goddess

This is an assignement that I too had aLOT of difficulty with. I know the myriad of names that the Lord and Lady are referred to in all the reading I have done -- Moon Goddess, Earth Mother, Queen of Summer, Holly King, Oak King, Lord of the Hunt-- and the names of Gods and Goddesses from different mythic traditions --Brigid, Cerridwen, Hecate, Isis, Apollo, Pan --

But I had trouble finding what I felt "comfortable" calling them. Mostly I thought of them as "Lord" and "Lady" or "God" and "Goddess." It sounds sort of silly, but I felt we were in a "getting to know you" period. We had to make the proper connections and introductions first. Only as our relationship deepened, would we begin revealing more of ourselves to each other. (This feeling is sort of similar to my approach with my magical name -Little Raven - just a humble, unpresumptuous seeker until I could show my worthy dedication)

I recently bought a statue for my alter. An ancient "Venus" type statue. No defined features, very roughly carved with her hands in the air and a snake a her feet --not any particular incarnation of the Goddess...she just is.

Slowly, though, as I continue along the path, I recognize different aspects of the Goddess (and the God) around me. And I have found some incantations to different named deities that I might even feel comfortable with for the right situation.

To me the Goddess and the God just are, regardless of their names --and that's what is most important to me.


Names of Deities and how to communicate with them

When starting this sssignment I realized how big it could get so I have tried to keep it rather trim and yet informative.

The Goddess: an undying, three-fold being; our original Star-born Mother 1st association - with the Planet Earth - Mother Nature, the Earth Goddess, The First Parent 2nd association - the Moon Goddess, triple faced and triple phased 3rd association - also the Ocean - the great Sea from which arose the evolving forms of life - third mother to us human beings.

The Goddess is nameless yet she has many names in many lands and pantheons:

Artemis(Greek) Goddess of healing, the Moon wild animals and physical strength in women

Ceres(Roman) Goddess of the grains, the harvest and the Earth

Diana(Roman) - the waxing moon phase

Athena(Greek) Goddess of wisdom

Selene(Greek) Goddess of Wisdom and justice

Yemenya(African) Holy Queen of th Sea

Morrigan(Celtic) A triple Goddess, courageous, shape- shifter , sometimes associated with Death Gaia(Greek) Mother Nature, The Goddess of the planet Earth

Isis(Egyptian) She ruled invention, law, agriculture

Nut(Egytian) - The Sky Goddess, ruler of the Night the subconscious(dreams) and the stars. [this one has been a favorite of mine lately)

Devi(East Indian) an all-encompassing Indian Goddess

Rhiannon(Celtic) Goddess of the Other World Birds are sacred to her

Cerridwen(Celtic) - Goddess of the Cauldron, birth and rebirth

The Goddess has to be invoked, called in the imagination by using poetic descriptions and symbols associated with the aspect which you seek to contact.

The God(s) He is also many-faceted and is symbolised by the Sun and is an evolving deity too.

His three aspects are: his hairy legs and hoof link him with the animal kingdom as their guardian; his human body from the waist up - contains his human heart to show he can feel for the humankind in his care and is their Lord of Life; the noble brow, dark thoughtful eyes and lordly antlers show he is Divine in hos own right, the antlers are symbols of the Sun's rays, of the power of Light of co- creation.

He walks in three worlds - the lowely land of all beasts wild/uame with their simplicity; the man-made realms and agriculture/industrial complexes as the Magickal Smith, the Mover and Designer; and above these as the Divine Sky Father.

Some of his names are: Apollo(Greek) twin to Artemis; God of the sun, music and medicine Hermes(Greek) Mercury(roman) Messenger God; God of communication Ra(Egyptian) Sun God, Horus(egyptian) God of the Living; Kernummos(Celtic) Cernunnos; Pan(Greek and Roman).

To reach out to the Deities, you must change your perspective. Remember the Goddess/God dwells within you; you are an embodiment of the Divine.

Since we all carry within us the spark of the divinity, we need to look inside ourselves and open ourselves to connect with the Deities. Some ways to do this are: thru drumming, dancing, chanting, quiet meditation exercises, simple acts of love and kindness, spending time outdoors. Turn off your internal chatter and listen from within... I think this completes what I have on this assignment.


Who are the Dieties and how do you commune with Them?

I have given a lot of thought to this assignment and at this point my Dieties are from several sources. My main direction are those of Greek and Roman origins. I do hold a fascination with the Celtic origins.

My Goddess has to have strength, passion for the hunt and a love of the outdoors. I believe that my Goddess must have a spirit that is close to the things that I love and believe in. Does this Goddess have a particular name? No. But if I have to narrow it down to what I have learned so far, then the names that come to mind would be....Artemis, Diana, Iris, Selene, and so on.

My God will also have to possess a strength, a wildness and a love of the outdoors. Maybe Zeus..Lord of the Sky, Gods, and Thunder? Helios? Aether? As I continue my jouney and learning, I will probably learn so much more about the Dieties. For now, I started in the areas where I already have a great passion about. I am currently reading a book called "Magical Pantheons"....

How do I commune with the Dieties? Close my eyes, breathe deep and feel the presence around you. This can be anywhere, anytime of day, for they are a part of us and walk with us each day. I guess the best way to explain this would be to use this example...Have you ever been alone in a room, then suddenly you felt someone was there? I believe the Goddesses and Gods walk with us each and everyday.



My patron goddess is Innana. I chose her (or did she choose me?) when a number of quite special coincidences threw her name seemingly continuously in my path. Intrigued, I searched the web for a picture, and came up with this beautiful wood-carved statue of a heavily pregnant, wonderfully voluptuous seated woman (though I was teasingly chided for looking up pornography by my fellow users). It was obvious that the statue, though small, had been carved with the utmost love and reverence.

Innana is the most important goddess in Mesopotamian mythology. She is the goddess of love, fertility, and war. As a warrior goddess, she rode in a chariot drawn by seven (my favourite number) lions and carried a bow. She wore a rainbow necklace much like that of Norse goddess Freyja. Innana traveled to the underworld and claimed its rule. Her sister Ereshkigal, who rules the realm of the dead, objected to her intervention, and sentenced her to death. When Innana died, nature died with her, and nothing was able to grow. The god Enki took pity on both Innana and mortals, and allowed Innana to be reborn if another person took her place. She chose a mortal ruler named Dumuzi, who rules the underworld for half of each year, where she placed him when he did not return her love as feelingly as she would like. When Dumuzi returns from the underworld at the autumnal equinox, their love overflows, and all animal and plant life revitalises.

The Festival of Innana is held on the same day as Earth Day, 22 April.

She is closely associated with Ishtar, Ashtart, Astaroth, Astarte, Anaitis, Anat, Atar, Athtar, Mylitta, and Esther. I have not as yet chosen a patron god, prefering instead to pray to and seek guidance from the flirtatious Innana.


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