Lesson # 9: The Art of Meditation

I thought this would be a good time to cover a lesson on meditation since there has been a lot of interest about it lately. In fact, meditation will teach you some of the basics that will help you learn how to perform magick. It is through meditation that we learn to center ourselves and bring ourselves to a peaceful state. This is very necessary to making your magick more effective. You also learn how to bring yourself to a higher plane where you can find great connection to the divine. So meditation is an important part of our Wiccan path. I will give you some suggestions on how to do this so you can get started. From there, you will grow and learn to find your own personal way of attaining this state.

First it is important to find yourself a quiet place where no one will bother you for a little while even a place to be alone for a few minutes will do wonders for your stress level.

If you've got a quiet moment at home, a nice relaxing bath with candles and scents will help prepare you. Some good relaxing music would be a good touch too. Consider this to be a moment for you to do something really good for yourself. If you can't take the bath, then just sit for a moment with some favored music and relax. Outdoors, sit and enjoy the beauty which surrounds you. Take in the sounds and smells of nature.

Once you're feeling a little more relaxed, find that quiet place and sit or lay down. Most of all get comfortable. If you're at home, I suggest comfortable clothes for this as well. The point is to get as relaxed as possible.

Now begin to breath long deep breaths letting air in and letting it out in a steady manner but comfortably. Don't hold it out too long or you will defeat the purpose. Let yourself feel all the negative of the day leaving as you breathe out and positive divine energy coming in as you breathe in. Bring yourself to an even more relaxed state.

Clear your mind...... let the troubles of the day float away for a while. Concentrate on your breathing for the moment and put all other thoughts out of your mind.

After doing that for a few minutes, then try focusing your mind on symbols of the Deities, a place you would really like to go, a favored animal, or just simply talk within to the Deities. It's easier at first to focus on something visual to help you find connection. As you do it more and gain more experience, you can just leave your mind open to see what the divine wants to share with you. At some point, you may meet your power or spirit animal, spirit guides, or even begin to learn astral travel. The possibilities are endless as your divine self becomes more open to seeing and listening. It will become a good place to go when life is really in chaos because it can help you find your center again and find understanding. Opening yourself up to this higher plane will also help you learn to focus energy and visualize which are both important in practicing magick. This is an important step in your walk.

Your assignment is to practice meditation for the next couple of weeks and then tell the class at the class club or me personally through the submission form how you have progressed in this area. You can tell us about any interesting experiences that you have had while practicing. You can also ask questions and share any problems you are having with the meditation.

I hope you find this an enjoyable experience and it should also help you in your everyday life with all the stresses that you experience around you.

Here are some other sites that will give you more information about meditation. It always helps to learn as much as you can about anything you are practicing.

All About Meditation
Wicca 101: Meditation

Brightest Blessings,


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